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Climbing is an activity in which one has to use his/her feet or hands to move up a steep object. Climbing is done basically for two purposes which are:

  • Recreation: For enjoyment or to reach a place which is inaccessible.
  • Professionally: For military operations or maintenance of a structure.
Types of Climbing:
  • Mountain Climbing: It is also called as mountaineering, and it basically includes ascending a mountain for recreation or sport. It includes rock climbing and/or ice climbing.
  • Rock Climbing: It involves ascending formations of rock with the help of a chalk bag and climbing shoes. Equipments used include bolts, ropes, hexes, nuts and camming devices which are either used for artificial aid or for safety purposes. Rock climbing includes another type of climbing i.e. free climbing, which is done on rocks only.
  • Ice Climbing: It involves going up formations of ice and hard snow with the help of equipments like crampons and ice axes which are specially designed for this purpose. Protective equipments are similar to the ones used for rock climbing but protective devices like snow wedges and ice screws are different.
  • Bouldering: It includes ascending small outcrops or boulders with the help of climbing shoes, a bucket and a chalk bag. For avoiding injuries a crash pad and a human spotter are used instead of a safety rope from above. A crash pad is a blend of low and high density foam between a heavy duty fabric structure and a human spotter basically directs a descending climber on the pad.
  • Buildering: It includes ascending urban structures without the help of any equipments and also avoiding the usual means of ascending like elevator and stairs. Buildering aspects can be seen in the Parkour i.e. the art of movement.
  • Tree Climbing: It involves climbing trees with the help of ropes and equipments without causing any harm to them. This activity is not as competitive as rock climbing.
  • Rope Climbing: It involves just ascending a short and thick rope for the purpose of increasing speed. And, it should not be confused with ice or rock climbing i.e. roped climbing.
  • Pole Climbing (gymnastic): It involves climbing masts and poles without the help of any equipment.
  • Pole Climbing (lumberjack): It includes competitive tree trunk and lumberjack tree trimming or just pole climbing for increasing the speed with the help of belts and spikes. Rope climbing and pole climbing were one of the first exercises that were included in the modern gymnastics.

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