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Adventure has various faces, which can be seen sometimes through trekking, while sometimes it can be seen via wildlife safari. There is an additional face of adventure, which can be seen via the water sports. Water sports have turned out to be the most popular medium of experiencing thrill and adventures. Water sports can be defined as a form of recreational activity, where water forms the chief aspect of the activity. Most of the water sports can be enjoyed only in sea water or ocean water. But there are also some other water sports which can be enjoyed in a river, lake etc. Water sports are mainly described as an activity of the young and the strong but there are some water sports where even old chaps can try out their hand. Some water sports require training and skills, while some can be taken up by anyone. There are various types of water sports like surfing, wake boarding, skiing, discing, kayaking, canoeing, yachting, tubing, windsurfing, snorkeling, scuba diving, angling, rafting etc. Let's throw some more light on the term Rafting.

Rafting : Rafting also known as whitewater rafting is a recreational activity in which a raft is navigated in a river or other water body. Rafting is mainly done on rough water so as enjoy more thrill and adventure. Rafting is one of the most popular water sports among the adventure seekers. People travel to far-off places only just because to experience the highly adventurous rafting. Rafting is generally meant for the young people as it requires a lot of strength and courage. Rafting is a very dangerous water sport, so one need to take all the safety measures before getting indulged in this activity. Countries like Canada, Brazil, Nepal, Alaska, US etc. are the ideal destinations for rafters. So if you are longing for thrill and adventures then Rafting is the best option for you.

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