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The term beach can be described as a piece of land that comprises of various loose particles like sand, gravels, pebbles, cobble, shingles etc. Beaches are located along the coastal regions, where the strong waves or currents deposit the sediments along the shoreline. It does not mean that beaches are only found near a sea or ocean, they also occur near a river or even a lake. One can find various beaches that are situated along the land that borders the river or lake. Here the erosion work is brought by the rainfall. Seashore is also a type of beach and is mostly associated with the term beach. There are various types of beaches, exotic beaches being the common example.

Exotic beaches refer to all the beautiful & enchanting beaches that seem to belong to some other planet. They provide such a picturesque view that no one can stop praising its profound beauties. They are the ideal holiday destination for all those who want to spend their time far away from the hustle & bustle of the city life. Here, one can come much closer to Mother Nature and enjoy the vast beauties that it have endowed on us. Exotic beaches provide a perfect spot from which one can truly enjoy the beautiful sunrise as well as the enchanting sunset. Exotic beaches are fully covered with soft, powdery sand along with some rocks lying here & there.

Exotic beaches are full of coconut trees that line up the beach. Some beaches also have row of palm trees bordering the beach. Nowadays, various steps have been taken by authorities to enhance the beauty of the exotic beaches. Gardens have been constructed around the beaches. These gardens are full of beautiful flowers, which add stars to the beauty of the ambience.

Water Sports
Exotic beaches provide loads of fun and excitement via various water sports. A game of volleyball on the beach would not be a bad option, if one wants a team game. Swimming is another activity, which is mostly preferred by people visiting the beach. In addition, one can also go for snorkeling, diving, surfing, sailing, fishing etc.

Flavors of life
Exotic beaches are full of various restaurants and bar that line up the beach. Here, one can taste some delicious sea foods along with various local dishes. One can try out the chill bear or any other drink while lying on the cozy sands of the beach.

Seeing the vast popularity of exotic beaches, various travel agencies have come forward and are offering various profitable travelling packages. Thus now visiting any such exotic beach is not a hard thing.

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