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Bremen Tourism Overview

Overview : Bremen is an old Hanseatic town, one of the main north German cities. It was badly damaged during the last World War. In 1949 Bremen was declared an autonomous "Land", and since then it has had a reputation for being the most politically radical part of the country, having elected the first Green MPs in 1979. Despite the vast damage from the war the town still retains a nice big harbor atmosphere and has a few sights worth visiting, not the least of which is Bremen's beautiful Rathaus. As Europe's largest economy and most populous nation, Germany remains a key member of the continent's economic, political, and defense organizations. Germany moves forward into the 21st century, leaving behind a history of division and tyranny, it is a nation embracing its newfound liberalism and redefining a modern cultural identity. Yet even today, visitors to the country can't escape feeling profoundly moved by this country's past and the effects it still has on its people. Situated in the heart of Europe and bordering nine other countries, Germany provides an ideal gateway to any tour of the subcontinent. Its land is wide and varied with turreted castles nestled below snow-capped mountains, lush river valleys, dark and mysterious forests and bustling medieval villages. This is the land of fairy tales, where farmland minstrels headed to Bremen to become musicians, where Sleeping Beauty was woken and Little Red Riding Hood ventured into the woods. Germany's cities each have something unique to offer the visitor. Each year millions of litres of beer are consumed in Munich during the city's Oktoberfest, where locals and visitors discover true German revelry and 'gemutlichkeit' (a word the locals use to describe a comfortable, sociable environment). Berlin, while still recovering from some of the scars of division, contains many sights from the iconic Brandenburg Gate, to the path of the old Berlin Wall. The city's vibrant nightlife is still evocative of its height in the 1920s and 30s, as characterised by the songs of Marlene Dietrich, the theatre of Brecht and the Film Cabaret. Discover the country that gave us Beethoven and Bauhaus, Goethe and Glhwein, Lager and Lederhosen - you won't be disappointed.
Temperature : Temperatures in Bremen range from -0.1 to 23.45 (Celcius).
Best place to Visit : Brandenburg Gate ------ The impressive and symbolic Brandenburg Gate that lay forlorn for so long in the no man's land behind the Berlin Wall, is now once again renovated and accessible, along with the newly reconstructed Pariser Platz Checkpoint Charlie ----- The infamous border crossing point in the wall dividing West and East Berlin has now become a shrine to the wall's memory with the addition of a museum, Haus am Checkpoint Charlie Hofbrauhaus ---- Beer has been swilled at this world-famous tavern site in the centre of Munich since it became a royal brewery in 1605. Equally famous is the Bavarian jollity and conviviality, known as 'gemuchtlikheid', which has emanated directly from the Hofbrauhaus in Munich along Marienplatz ---- The Marienplatz is the heart of Munich and the site of its most important historic buildings. The square is dominated by the Neo-Gothic Town Hall featuring its famous Glockenspiel, both built in the 19th century. Neuschwanstein ---- The fairytale castle built by King Ludwig II (known as 'Mad King Ludwig' until his death in 1886) has become the trademark of the German state of Bavaria, with its Gothic wedding-cake tiers and towers. Garmisch-Partenkirchen ---- Germany's top winter sports destination, Garmisch-Partenkirchen is a busy centre that has retained the charm of the older town of the twins, Partenkirchen. Romantic Road ----- To experience the best of medieval Germany hundreds of visitors drive, bus or cycle their way along the Romantic Road, a 180-mile (290km) route between Munich and Frankfurt that links together a string of quaint Wiesbaden ----- Germany's most favoured spa resort lies about 25 miles (40km) west of Frankfurt in a valley between the Rhine River and Taunus Mountain The Rhineland ----- The wide, deep and sluggish Rhine River flows from Switzerland into the sea in the Netherlands, and most of its length in the process meanders through the mountains and plains of Germany.
Event & Fairs : Berlin International Film Festival -------- The coveted Silver and Golden Bears of the Berlin International Film Festival are the symbol of achievement in one of the top events in the film industry. The Berlinale has become one of the biggest and most reputable festivals in the international business of artistic media and film, where world-class filmmakers launch their latest achievements under various categories in the competition. Film screenings are shown in a variety of festival cinemas, and different events include filmmaking workshops, and opportunities for young producers and directors to screen one-minute films during the festival. Alster Fair -------- One of the city's biggest annual summer festivals, the Alster Fair is a celebration of food and drink, music, theatre, sporting events, handicrafts and numerous fringe events that provide entertainment for all ages. Part of the fair is the International Fireworks Festival that presents spectacular nightly fireworks displays. Christmas Markets ------- During the festive season more than 40 Christmas markets around the city attract visitors with typical arts and crafts, Christmas lights and decorations, and the smell of Gl├╝hwein, gingerbread and roasted nuts. Santa Claus, music and dance, fairy tales and puppetry are there to entertain the children while shoppers can browse past antique toys and doll makers, candles, woodcarvers, and a variety of traditional goods. The largest Christmas market in Europe is said to be in the suburb of Spandau, where the stalls are spread out throughout the Old Town and provide a particularly traditional experience. Frankfurt Book Fair ---- The Frankfurt Book Fair is the largest international book fair in the world receiving over 250,000 visitors. The event is largely focused around trade, distribution, and selling though the fair has quite a heritage to it with some 500 years under its belt. Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press just outside of Frankfurt in the town of Mainz ,and since mass publication caught on, Frankfurt has been hosting a book fair of ever increasing size and popularity. Venue: Frankfurt am Main JazzFest Berlin ---- The Berlin Jazz Festival is one of the world's premier jazz festivals and the highlight on the Berlin musical calendar, with concerts taking place all over town.
Climate : Berlin enjoys pleasant, sunny summers when days are long and temperatures can sometimes exceed 86░F (30░C), particularly in July and August. However the summer months are also unpredictable, and odd days can rapidly change from sunshine to cloud. Winter weather in Berlin, by contrast, is bitterly cold and damp, with plentiful snow and frosty days when temperatures hover at or just below freezing. Rain can fall all year round, but the wettest months are June and August, and the driest on average October and February
Region : Bremen
Area : 326.73 km2 (126.15 sq mi)