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Wiesbaden Tourism Overview

Overview : Wiesbaden is a historic spa city, which has catered to people from countries near and far for many centuries. Even the "old" Romans knew of the "Aquis Mattiacis". Should you have to overnight near Frankfurt Airport consider staying in Wiesbaden and visit this small, pretty city. It is much smaller than Frankfurt, but offers a lot. Wiesbaden is a city in central Germany. It is the capital of the Bundesland Hesse. Wiesbaden is situated on the right bank of the Rhine, facing the city of Mainz on the opposite side of the river. Wiesbaden has about 270,000 inhabitants. Beautifully situated between the Taunus highlands in the north and the Rhine in the south, Hesse's capital is a beautiful, elegant and vibrant city where sports and the arts are equally at home. Its 26 hot springs were already worth a mention for the writers of ancient Rome, and today Wiesbaden combines the attractions of a modern conference and trade fair venue with the old-world charm of one of the great spas of yesteryear - and a rich historical heritage including imposing ruins, castles, churches and other monuments. Thanks to its location in the heart of the Rhine-Main-area Wiesbaden has become an important economic centre and seat of many international companies. The Schlossplatz ("Palace Square") is situated in the centre of the city. There are two outstanding buildings around this square: the ducal palace and the new town hall. The palace was built by duke Wilhelm of Nassau in 1840. For the 26 remaining years of ducal authority it was the residence of the ruling family. Today the building serves as Landtag (parliament) for the federal state of Hesse. The New Town Hall replaced the old one in 1887. (The Old Town Hall, built in 1610, is the oldest preserved building of the city and is nowadays used as a civil registry office.) Engraved in the paving in front of the town hall there are the heraldic eagle of the Holy Roman Empire, the lion of Nassau and the lilies of Wiesbaden. The Protestant Marktkirche ("Market Church") was built from 1852 to 1862 in a neo-Gothic style. Its western steeple is 92 m in height, being the highest building of the city. Another building from the regency of duke Wilhelm is the Luisenplatz, a square named for the first wife of duke Wilhelm. It is surrounded by Neoclassicist buildings, and in the middle there is the Waterloo Obelisk, commemorating the Nassauers who died in the wars against Napoleon. The monumental Kurhaus ("spa house") (now containing a casino) and the Hessian state theatre are from the time of emperor Wilhelm II. Apart from the palace in the centre the ducal family had a huge palace on the banks of the Rhine, known as Schloss Biebrich. This baroque building was erected in the first half of the 18th century. North of the city there is the Neroberg. From the top of this hill it is possible to get a panorama of the city. A funicular connects the city with the hill.
Temperature : Temperatures in Wiesbaden range from -1.85 to 25.25 (Celcius).
Getting In : Wiesbaden is very well connected by many highways coming from Frankfurt, Cologne or Mainz. Trains travel frequently and are very enjoyable. Travel times by car are roughly 15 minutes (from Mainz), 30 minutes By Air Wiesbaden is very well connected by many highways coming from Frankfurt, Cologne or Mainz. Trains travel frequently and are very enjoyable. By Car If you start in Frankfurt, take the A66 until Wiesbaden-Erbenheim (Exit 6). Here you follow the signs to Wiesbaden City Center and Wiesbaden Kurhaus. If starting from the Frankfurt Airport follow signs for Wiesbaden, which takes you on the A3 until the Wiesbadener Kreuz, where you switch to the A66 until Exit 6.
Getting Around : Once you are in the city centre it's pretty to comfortable to just walk around. There's a main pedestrian area which is similar to an open-air mall, but more relaxed. Shops line the street and alleys, and it's mostly closed off to cars. Many shops, cafes and restaurants can be found in this area. Be sure to walk around the "Old City" (Altstadt) as well. If you want to go further out of the city centre, you can use the developed bus system. Buses travel frequently, and on time! It is possible to buy tickets on the bus, just ask the driver. .
Best place to Visit : The most attractive building in Wiesbaden is the Kurhaus situated in the city center. Built for emperor Wilhelm around 1900 it serves as wellness and leisure time centre. It also offers a pretty garden where you can walk around or relax. Next to it are two further important buildings: the famous casino and the theatre. The Bahá'í Temple or House of Worship - While not located in Wiesbaden, it's in a small town called Langenhain, only about a 15 minute drive away through pleasant countryside and forest, and only one of eight such Temples around the world. He building is architecturally interesting, and has been likened to a lemon-squeezer :) If you're lucky the sun will shine through the 540 windows when you're inside - the effect can be quite breath-taking. There is also a small information centre with tea and coffee and welcoming hosts who speak English.
Region : Hesse
Area : 203.9 km2 (78.7 sq mi)
Population : 275,489