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Got bored of the busy routine of day to day life! The best way to avoid it is by fully surrendering yourself to the calm & peaceful ambience of the beautiful hills. The enchanting snow capped hills covered with misty woods, beautiful waterfalls, lush green forests and various breathtaking views is the perfect place for you to enjoy the beauties of Mother Nature at its most. All these natural gifts of Mother Nature will surely refresh your mind, body as well as soul. If you are an adventure seeker then too you don't have any reason to get disappointed. Hill stations offer various adventurous sports and activities like snow skiing, trekking, river rafting, camping etc., which would never leave you short of fun. The hill stations tour will also take you to various sites, which are still waiting their turn to get discovered. Summing up, it would not be wrong to say that hill station tours has something or the other for each and every one of you. So what are you waiting for, pack your bags and plan for a hill station tour as soon as possible.

Earth is full of various stunning geographical features which make earth a beautiful place to live in. It has also helped in flourishing the tourism industry. With the discovery of various such geographical features the tourism industry is at its high. There are various such geographical features, waterfall being the common example.

Valley also known as dale or vale refers to a deep depression with a chief extent in one way. A deep river valley is termed as a gorge or canyon. The base of the valley is termed as the floor of the valley and may be around 1-10 kilometers wide. The floors of the valleys are generally filled with the mountain sediments that fall from above and get deposited at the bottom.

In each and every city, there are botanical gardens and parks as these places are a good break in the spreading concrete jungle in the cities. Gardens are the finest way to preserve flora and fauna and that is what these botanical gardens do. People get to know about the rare species of flora and fauna and also enjoy the beauty of the surroundings. However, an ideal garden is generally in outdoors where the space is in plenty.

Hill Trains
A large number of hill stations are situated in the ranges of Himalaya in India. These mighty Himalayas form a disposed crown of India. The aura of the ranges of Himalayas is unmatched and can be felt by an individual only after a visit to the ranges.

Lakes & Rivers
Earth holds various geographical features of which many have been discovered and some still await their chance. Some of these geographical features have turned out to be the major tourist's destinations. Some of such geographical feature includes beaches, mountains, rivers, lakes etc. Talking about lake, a lake refers to water body of substantial size, which is surrounded by land on all sides.

Peak & Glaciers
The term peak also known as summit can be described as the point on the surface of the earth, which is more elevated than any other adjacent point. Such points occur mostly on mountains and are isolated from other points due to their height.

Hill Station Activity
With hundreds of miles of alluring trails, hill stations are not only the best way to beat the heat, but also a mecca for travelers who love to indulge in outdoor activity. With so much on offer starting from delicious food to fantastic vivid backdrops, hill stations make for a perfect holiday getaway.

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