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Garden if seen in the terms of science then is collection of plants, grasses and some architecture. But the looking at the eternal aspect, garden is no less than any heaven and paradigm of beauty. People love to have garden in their backyard, balcony or even terrace as gardens give in an esthetical touch.Gardens give an escape from the hustle and bustle of city lives, pollution, noises and all other hectic. However, using the empty land for gardening is intelligent as gardens refresh the atmosphere and spread fragrance of flower where you stay.

In each and every city, there are botanical gardens and parks as these places are a good break in the spreading concrete jungle in the cities. Gardens are the finest way to preserve flora and fauna and that is what these botanical gardens do. People get to know about the rare species of flora and fauna and also enjoy the beauty of the surroundings. However, an ideal garden is generally in outdoors where the space is in plenty. But it in the modern times, there has been scarcity of land and that is why the sizes of garden are depleting at rapid scale. One can set a garden in the indoors or in own backyard or any other spaces one has.

There are loads of types of garden depending upon looks and their composition. Rock garden, terrace garden and similar garden are very popular amidst masses. Also, gardens are classified on their themes as well. Theme gardens stress on specific kinds of floras like flower garden, cactus garden and many others. Some gardens are set up specially in keeping view of special age groups that include children garden, and many others.

Some of the renowned garden types include Italian garden, Japanese garden and many others. These gardens are real treat and really sooths the eyes and minds.

Garden tourism is also one of the other ways to experience the greeneries. Amidst the garden tours, one gets to see the greenery along with monuments. The great Taj is the finest examples of complimenting monuments with greeneries. These gardens add another dimension to the glory of these places. However, maintaining garden is a difficult as requires lot of attention. Using nice kind of fertilizers and pesticides is very important. However, one should prefer bio-fertilizers for such purposes as they do affect the natural composition of the soil. Also, trimming and planting right kind of seed in the suitable climatic condition is also necessary. Following the complete guide book leads to a fine garden.

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