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Karnataka Tours

Karnataka is a land of World Heritage Sites in India. Karnataka is situated in south-west region of India. It came into existence from 1 November 1956 and before 1973 it was used to be known as the State of Mysore. Bengaluru, the capital as well as the largest city of Karnataka, is the IT powerhouse of India.

The extreme of west of Karnataka is a long coastline of Arabian Sea and Laccadive Sea. It shares its state borders with Goa in the north-west and Maharashtra in the north. Towards the east of Karnataka lies Andhra Pradesh. The south-east and south-west boundaries of Karnataka divide it from Tamil Nadu and Kerala respectively.

Being the fifth most popular state of India for tourism, it is visited by thousands of tourists every year. Karnataka Tours bring people closer to the history and culture of India. Large numbers of historically and culturally significant monuments are there in Karnataka. That is why sightseeing is the most popular of all the tourists’ Activities In Karnataka.

The information provided in a good Karnataka Travel Guide is all available here. Using this information will be of great help in planning Karnataka Tours. The heritage sites in Karnataka can never be missed out while holidaying in Karnataka.

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