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Mahabalipuram Tourism Overview

About Mahabalipuram

Mahabalipuram is a small town in Tamil Nadu, located on the coast of Bay of Bengal. The regional name of this town is Mamallapuram. It is an ancient town which used to be a seaport during 1st century CE. This place has been ruled by the dynasty of the Pallavas who have left their mark on this place with the ancient Shore Temple, caves and some other distinct sculptures. Except for the Shore Temple, all the structures have been carved out of rocks. This group of ancient constructions are a part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

The tourists visiting this town are sure to be transported into a historic era. The intricate details on carvings have begun to fade away, yet the thought of how these were carved out of rocks will leave one wondering. The landscape of Mahabalipuram is like a sea mountain, with a rocky terrain and small hills.

History of Mahabalipuram : The temples located here at Mahabalipuram were mostly constructed during the rule of famous ruler Narasimhavarman and the successor Rajasimhavarman. The pavilions, the shrines or rathas were hewn from granite rock. The famous Shore Temple is also located here at Mahabalipuram. According to the historian Percy Brown, the Pallavan Mandapas are quite similar to the rock-cut caves of Ellora and Ajanta. According to him, Narasimhavarman's after his victory over Pulakesin II (Chalukyan king) may have brought various artisans and sculptors back to Mahabalipuram as prisoners.
Climate : Temperature : Maximum 35.
Best Time To Visit : The time period between the months of October - March is the ideal time for visiting the place.
Population :

12,049 as recorded in 2001.

Languages :

The official language is Tamil.

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