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Welcome to the tropical paradise of Bali, Bali needs no introduction, artists and tourists have been coming to this island since the 1920s, when air travel was in its infancy and sea travel was considered an extravagance. Bali is unique. Out of the thousands of islands that form the Indonesian archipelago, Bali is unique in religion, culture and in almost everything Bali sets itself apart from the rest of Indonesia. And yet it is this inexplicable charm that captivates the imagination, sending droves of tourists to its shores, to bask in the sand, to quench their thirst for exotic cultures, to relish the magic that can only be derived from visiting Bali. While you are on your Bali Travel, you will love to visit the various Tourist Attractions of Bali. One of the popular tourist destinations in Bali is the Elephant Safari Park. The biggest town in Bali is Denpasar. It has a population of around 300,000 or a tenth of Bali's total population. The second biggest town is old colonial capital ofn Singaraja. Among tourists, however, the most important towns are Kuta, on the southern part of the island, and Ubud, to the north of Denpasar. Like most other regions in Indonesia, Bali has two seasons : a dry season, lasting from April to September, and a rainy season, lasting from October to March. Bali is whatever you want it to be. A tourist heaven with splendid beaches, a friendly people, a warm climate, cool mountain air, and a slow pace. You can hike up a trail, watch the birds, visit temples, and buy your gifts. You can fill your own treasure troves with memories with recollections of your own enlightenment when you stood and faced the mountains and gazed at the natural beauty of the surrounding countryside.

Country : Indonesia (South-East Asia).
Capital City : Denpasar.
Area : Approximately 2,175 Square Miles / 5,630 Square Kilometres.
Population : Approximately four million.
Languages : Indonesian and Balinese (unofficial).
Currency : Indonesian Rupiah (IDR).
Time Zone : UTC + 8.
Country Dialling Code : +62.
Telephone Area Code : 0361.
Religion : Hindu, Buddhism, Christian and Muslim.

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