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Aosta Tourism Overview

Overview : An Italian city situated in the Aosta valley. The city comprises of the remains of various ancient monuments that serve as sights of tourist attraction. The city enjoys pleasant weather during summers and attracts a large number of tourists during this season. The winters bring snow along with it and the tourists visiting in this season enjoys the real beauty of the place. Spending your holidays in Aosta will be an enjoyable experience and at the same time let you learn about the roman history.
History : The city of Aosta, came to exist in the proto-historic times and was a center of the Salassi. The city has been governed over by different rulers. Also, this roman colony was at one point of time an important military camp. The walls and towers of the city communicate its military existence.
Tourist Attractions in Aosta : Aosta is a culturally rich city having countless ancient monuments. Most of these monuments are the remains of the historical buildings. All these attraction sights are uniquely built and are invested with marvelous architecture. Places of must visit :
    Augusta Praetoria : - Rectangle shaped monument with twenty four tall towers that make it unique and spectacular. √ Tour du lépreux : - It is a monument that was christened after the name of a leper that was imprisoned there. √ Tower (Castle) of Bramafan : - Built in 11th century where the Savoy viscounts used to live. √ Tour du Baillage. √ Arch of Augustus ( located on the outskirts of the city). √ Tour Neuve. √ Tour du Pailleron. √ The Aosta Cathedral. √ The Romanesque-Gothic Sant'Orso (Saint-Ours). √ The Saint-Bénin College.
The Roman Theatre is also one of the major attractions. Though it is not a complete structure but remains of the theater yet it has high attraction value. It is a 22 m high monument that has capacity to hold 4000 spectators. Adventurous Activities The city offers the adventure loving people an opportunity to enjoy. They can have fun by participating in :
  • Rock climbing.
  • Hiking.
These activities can be best enjoyed during the summer months.
Area : 21.37 Km2 (8.3 sq mi).
Population : 35,061.
How to reach? : You can take a flight to Turin or Torino and then take a train that will take you to Aosta. The train ride from Turin to Aosta is a thoroughly enjoyable one as the train passes the exquisite mountains.
Transportation : The city is a mountainous region with well-constructed roads. Also it has a well defined railway network that links it to the other parts of the Italy.
Food : The city offers an extensive and exclusive variety of red wine that is prepared in large quantities. Also, a variety of delectable Italian food is available at various food outlets: restaurants.
Fast Facts : a
Language : Italian and French.
Currency : Euro.
Geographic Coordination : 45°44'N 7°19'E.
Climate and Weather : The climate of Aosta is of typical alpine region with biting winters and cool summers. Tourists can enjoy abundant snow during the period from October to March.
Best Time to Visit : December is the best time to discover the beauty of Aosta. Aosta with its rugged terrain and peaceful surroundings is an ideal place to be. The people of Aosta are very welcoming and assist the tourists in all possible ways. Visiting the place will let you enjoy the serenity of the place and allow you to participate in various activities.
City : Aosta Valley, Italy.