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Genoa Tourism Overview

Overview : Genoa is the capital of the region of Liguria, lies in the Gulf of GenoaError! Hyperlink reference not valid.. It is Italy's leading port and center of maritime trade. Genoa is popularly known as "la Superba" because of its splendid marble palaces, magnificent location. The old Genoa is a has narrow and steep streets which are always busy with the noisy activity of a Mediterranean town. The new parts of the town consists of tall modern buildings, gardens and villas that lie in the plain at the mouth of the River Bisagno. Genoa has plenty of places for attracting the tourists especially the Churches which were rebuilt during the Gothic period and adorned with Pisan and Lombard sculpture.
Tourist Attractions - Best Places to visit : Some of the places of attraction are :
  • Abbazia di S.Siro di Struppa : - is one of the most important and best preserved Romanesque.
  • Abbazia di S.Stefano : - is beautiful historical place that introduces you to the Genoa's rich past.
  • Albergo dei Poveri : - is a building that stands in a dominant position at the top of an impressive stairway and its imposing facade is unmistakable.
  • Bagni Doria : - is a white and green umbrella that occupies the pebbled beach of a small gulf.
Entertainment : Genoa has one of the most active nightlife in Italy. Genoa hosts quite a few bars, clubs etc so that you don't have to sacrifice a little hedonistic fun while on for vacations here. The stretch that is bordered by Piazza Sarzano and Via San Lorenzo is home to most of nightclubs and bars. Popular weekend bars, filled with young, hip and hep people sum upto the exhilarating night life of Genoa.
Food : Genoa is one of the most important towns known for the "Mediterranean cuisine". Genovese cooking is based mainly on the natural products and typically of the Ligurian sea food type. Some of the popular restaurants
  • Trattoria da Maria : - is a great place for a traditional meal.
  • Trattoria Ugo : - serves you with the same great traditional Genovese cuisines. The food is available at reasonably prices and should be adefinite stop for anyone.
  • Ristorante Manuelina : - also serves the best at attractive prices.
Local Transport : The public transport of Genoa mainly consists of buses, trains, metro and funiculars. The tourists do not face any trouble in traveling around inside the city as there are several modes of transportation like : The best way of getting around on a Genoa city breakis by foot.
    → Buses are another good as well as cheap option to tour the city. Genoa buses cover most of the city and run along the coast. → There are also 3 funicular railways to climb some of the steepest hills in the city. → Taxis are easy to find but are unable to reach many of the oldest areas of the city that are of interest to tourists. → Metro can also take you to the main attraction centers in the city. → Car hire is only an option if you are planning a longer trip. The surrounding hills and coastline are noted for their beauty.
Getting Around : Genoa Airport is situated in the north-west part of the city. It daily has several international as well as domestic flights. From Genoa airport all the main towns are connected by main roads and highways. You can get to Genoa by land, sea or air. There are two main roads that connect the town to Turin and Milan. You can also use the regional roads around Liguria for reaching Genoa. You can come by sea as some of the most important shipping & cruising companies have their South Europe branch there.
Thing to do : Below are enlisted exciting things that Genoa offers :
    Visit the Seafaring Museum that features a reconstructed shipyard and harbor. Enjoy an evening at the interactive National Museum for Antarctica. You can also go to the Museum of Sant Agostino that is a beautiful 13th century Augustinian convent. The Museum of World Cultures is housed in a splendid neo-Gothic castle above the city and the Museum of Asian Art are two places worth watching.
Shopping : The main shopping corridors of Genoa are the streets of Piazza De Ferrasi. The best boutiques and fashionable shops are found on via XX Settembre, via Roma, and in the elegant Galleria Mazzini. Genoa offers you the exclusive collection of clothes, bags and shoes at very reasonable prices. Making your way to the city center to via Orefici and via Luccoli brings you across little shops selling antiques and handicrafts.
Fast Facts : a
State : Province of Genoa
Country : Italy
Area : The total area is 243.6 km2.
Population : 611,556
Languages : Italian, Genoese
Currency : Euro
Region : Liguria
Geographic Coordination : 4424'N 0855'E.
Climate and Weather : Genoa enjoys a Mediterranean and maritime temperate climate with Atlantic influences..
Best time to visit : Spring is the best time visit Genoa.