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Feel the true divine power and bounties of God via the Pilgrimage Tours. No matter whether you are a Hindu or a Muslim, pilgrimage tours are meant for all. Wash away all your sins by going on a pilgrimage and getting the blessings of god. Pilgrimage tours will surely freshen up your mind & soul and will help you in learning more about life. "As I make my slow pilgrimage through the world, a certain sense of beautiful mystery seems to gather and grow".

Arthur Christopher Benson : If God would ever want to get exploited there is just one place wherein He will say that, this is the place, THIS IS IT!! India, the land of various cultures, heritage and diverse religions, is the only place where pilgrimage is not an alien word. Tolerant and respectful towards all the religions and the religious places India receives a number of local and foreign pilgrims with open hands and gives them an experience of a life time. Having given birth to a number to religions like Buddhism, Sikhism and Jainism and adopting various other religious practices like Zoroastrianism and Jewish practices India continues to be both at the giving and the receiving ends. As they say, Satan has no difficulty in making sin look innocent. Going on pilgrimages in India people can feel their souls connecting with God. Observing religious harmony and tolerance, pilgrimage tourism in India has attained unprecedented heights, acceptance and world recognition.

Hindu Pilgrimage
Get to know more about the Hindu religion and its rich historical past via the Hindu pilgrimage tours. Starting from the visit to the 4 holy Dhams to the sacred Kailash Parvat, Hindu pilgrimage covers all the important Hindu sites. So go on Hindu pilgrimage and be a step closer to god.

Muslim Pilgrimage
Muslim Pilgrimage is a special offer provided by us. Via this, you can visit all the prominent Muslim places like Ajmer Sharif, Hyderabad, Nizamuddin, Haji Ali Dargah and many more. We give in complete database for all the Muslim Pilgrimages centers.

Christian Pilgrimage
Visit and learn about all the holy Christian places with our wonderful Christian Pilgrimage. Visit churches, monuments and many more places that show the unforgettable contributions of Christianity to the nation. Our Christian Pilgrimage is the best way to experience the truest class and heritages of Christianity.

Buddhist Pilgrimage
Learn about Buddhism and witness their major contributions to Indian history. We bring to you Buddhist Pilgrimage, taking you to great places like Gaya, Bodh Gaya, Sanchi and many more. Get more information for your travel to divine Buddhist pilgrimage centers exclusively at our place.

Sikh Pilgrimage
Experience the true values of Sikh religion i.e. remembrance of god, truthful living and equality of mankind by going on Sikh Pilgrimage. Starting from the holy Golden Temple in Amritsar to the sacred Nankana Sahib across the border in Pakisthan, Sikh Pilgrimage has no boundaries and no limits. So forget all discriminations and take up a holy Sikh Pilgrimage Tour.

Jain Pilgrimage
The best way of experiencing Jain culture and its various rituals is by going on Jain pilgrimage. From the holy site of Ellora in the west to the sacred Udaygiri Caves in the east, Jain pilgrimage sites are located all over India. Thus by going on Jain pilgrimage you would find yourself making a complete tour of India.

A river can be defined as a natural stream of fresh water that flows towards an ocean or a sea. In some cases, the river dries up or flows in to the ground instead of flowing towards the sea. In India there are various rivers, each one of them flowing through its own route.

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