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Christian Pilgrimage

The term Christianity refers to a monotheistic religion, which is based on the teachings of the Lord Jesus. All the people who follow Christianity are termed as Christians. According to Christianity, Jesus is believed to be the son of the god and the revealer of the god. According to the Christians Jesus was a savior, who lead a life full of suffering and than died. It is believed that Christ again resurrected so as to bring salvation to all. Christianity started in the Middle East and than slowly spread to North Africa, Europe and other parts of the world. Christianity is the largest religion followed all over the world.

There are various important sites of the Christians located all over the globe. All these sites have turned in to the places of pilgrimage for the Christian people. Christian pilgrimages started in the 4th century, when various church fathers like the Saint Jerome etc. urged people to visit the Holy Land (Jerusalem) of the Christians. Devotees also started visiting holy places in Rome. People also started visiting places linked to the Apostles, Christian martyrs, saints etc. The Crusades are also reckoned as an important Christian pilgrimage.

Below given are some important places of Christian pilgrimage :

Jerusalem : It is the capital and also the largest city of Israel. It is a sacred place of all the three chief religions i.e. Christianity, Judaism, Islam. According to the Christians, It is believed that soon after his birth, Jesus was brought here. It is also believed that Lord Jesus had his last supper here in Jerusalem. It is the place of crucifixion and resurrection of the Lord Jesus. Large number of Christians visits the city each and every year.

Rome : It is another important Christian pilgrimage place. It is so because due to the presence of various death sites of Saint Peter and others in Rome. Rome is also the main headquarters of Catholic Church. There are various other important Christian pilgrimage places like the Lourdes (France), Istanbul (Turkey) etc.

Christian Pilgrimage in India : Christianity has a long relation with India. In the 52A.D St. Thomas visited India and spent 12 years of his life in Madras. Since than various shrines, churches, cathedrals have been constructed that have turned out to be the sites of Christian pilgrimage in India. Some of them are include Basilica of Bom Jesus (Goa), The Church of St. Cajetan (Goa), Church of the Sacred Heart (Delhi) etc.

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