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  • Canoeing Guide Tips

    Employ these following tips and guidelines to help prepare yourself for a memorable day of activity inside your canoe :-

    • Do review and plan your trip. Study and carry a route map before heading forward. You should be very clear about where to go and what to do in case of emergencies. Do check all the hurdles and obstacles mentioned on the route map and make a proper plan to safely overcome them.
    • Canoe paddling demands immense amount of physical strength and stamina. Therefore, make sure that you are physically fit and healthy to ride a canoe. Fitness is the most essential element needed to experience the thrill of canoeing sport.
    • You need to be a good swimmer and underwater diver for canoeing sport.
    • Various necessary items to be carried along with you while canoeing includes first aid kit, insect repellent, sponge or a bailer to remove extra water from the canoeing boat, fishing rig, flashlight, drinking water, whistle, extra clothes and snacks to eat.
    • Always be prepared beforehand prior to heading for canoeing adventure sport.
    • Dress in accordance with water temperature. Wear layers of comfortable clothing to get protection in cold weather. Do carry extra clothes and snacks in a waterproof baggage's or a double trash bags.
    • Prefer wearing eyeglasses and sunglasses with straps.
    • Eat a healthy meal before leaving for the trip. Drink good amount of water to avoid dehydration while canoeing.
    • Wear sports shoes or sneakers while canoeing. Avoid delicate footwear or sandals.
    • Do carry drinking water along with you while canoeing. NEVER drink alcohol before commencing the canoeing trip.
    • Do wear a sun hat and apply sunscreen lotion on sunny days to get protected from direct heat strokes and harmful Ultra Violet (UV) rays. Use sunscreen even during cloudy weather.
    • Take along a rain gear or raincoat to get protection from unexpected rainfall.
    • Do take essential allergy or other medicines with you while canoeing. It may prove to be very helpful in case of emergencies.
    • Never forget to carry life jackets or Personal Flotation Device (PFD) while canoeing. Do check its buckles and locks before tying it. Do not wear a torn and loose PFD.
    • Always choose a proper size paddle and lifejacket.
    • Never go for a canoeing trip in bad weather conditions including flood and heavy rainfall
    • Beginners should avoid going for longer canoe trips. They should avoid taking toddlers on the very first trip.
    • Do not overload your canoe with unnecessary stuff.
    • Always be cautious and try to keep the boat under control. You should know how to stop or reach at shore without facing any difficulty. Try not to enter in rapid currents unless you are sure enough to cross it.

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