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  • Car Coach Rental Tips

    Whenever we plan a trip to a destination, all it includes is getting to that place and exploring it while enjoying it. There are various ways to explore a destination while enjoying. One can avail public transportation such as bus, bicycles, metro etc or can even go for a taxi or a hired car. If you choose to hire a car, nothing like it! You will get all the freedom on your trip, to go wherever and whenever you want to. But renting a car/ coach requires a smart attitude, so that you don't end up making mistakes or being mislead by other people.

    Renting a car could be very tricky especially for those who are renting from time to time and not well involved with the market. Knowing some tips and tricks would help a lot if you intend to rent a car. If you are going to a new city and you are searching for suitable car rental office then consider applying this procedure and you will save yourself a lot of trouble.

    We present to you some of the tips that you must follow while renting a car/ coach to avoid all the hassles.

    • When you plan your next trip, search the internet for a decent car rental office at that place before going from where you can get a good car with a good price. Do a little search through the internet and you are sure to find a handful of rental offices on your planned destination.
    • You can get a nice quote if you book your car as early as possible. But if you wait till the last second or if you book it from the airport then you are going to pay the highest rate.
    • When you tend to rent a car, try to determine what is the type of the car that you are going to need, this may help you cut the costs down.
    • For example, if you want a city transportation then take a small car it would be more than enough but, if you are going to travel for long distances on high ways then you need a bigger, more stable and also a comfortable car. If you get a big car for a long period in the city, then you will be needing extra money for fuel, parking and of course the car rentals.
    • The fourth and most important tip is checking the price. Do not get dazzled by the low rates written in the advertisements, you need to check that this is the price that you are going to pay. Because, in most of the cases this is the basal rate only and when you actually hire a car, the extra charges multiply the price by two or three. The first addition is the taxes which are sometimes around 20% of the price. Airport surcharge is another charge that maybe added if you are renting your car from the airport. Here is a tip for you, take the coach to the city center then manage to find a car rental there and you would be able to cut down on your costs a lot.
    • Do not forget to fill the tank before you get the car back to the office as the car rental agent will surcharge you for the empty tank and obviously this would be more than the value that you will pay if you filled the tank yourself.

  • My final tip is you need to double check whether the country that you are traveling to requires certain fees or insurance for driving there or not, as these fees would be paid by you and not by the car rental office.

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