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  • First Aid Tips

    Ver you go for a trip, you go to a strange land where the conditions are totally different from where you live. Also, all the places in this world have their own medical problems which are prevalent in those cities or countries. So, the well being of your health becomes quite risky as anything can happen due to these problems.

    But if dealt properly, these problems can be tackled and can be come over very easily. In other words we can also say that if you know the correct way of giving first aid, everything can be handled.

    First, there are some basic first aid tips that you must follow before going on a trip :

    • Traveler should always consult her/his personal physician before undertaking the journey and s/he should always carry the medicines prescribed.
    • If the person is advised precautionary vaccinations or medicines before the start of the journey, s/he should follow the instructions strictly.
    • If the person is on any routine medicines, s/he should have adequate stock of medicines with her/him (at least 2 weeks of extra stock apart from the duration of journey) along with the prescription by the physician.
    • The medicines given in the list are for emergency use only. A doctor should be consulted at the earliest opportunity.

    Apart from these tips, the next thing to do is to carry a first aid box filled up with all the necessary medications.

  • We also have some useful first aid tips which can you make use of in the following conditions :

    Simple Injuries Wounds

    • The wound should be cleaned with an antiseptic solution.
    • Dressing should be done with antiseptic cream.
    • Doctor should be consulted for internal injuries.

    Twist Injuries
    • Cold compression on the area affected
    • Pain killer, three times a day.
    • Crepe bandage to be applied lightly to immobilize the joint for one to two days.

    Acute Diarrhea/Gastroenteritis
    • Symptoms - Diarrhea, abdominal cramps, nausea, vomiting and maybe fever
    • Adequate fluid replacement in form of juices, soups, glucose and electrolyte drinks (Common trade brands Walyte / Electral). Milk and milk products to be avoided.
    • Medicine prescriptions by the doctor consulted before on the trip, should be followed religiously.

    • Causes - acidity, food poisoning, dehydration due to heat, travel sickness etc.

    • Patient should take frequent sips of ORS/cold water.
    • Avoid heavy meals before traveling to avoid motion sickness.
    • Tab. Domperidone (Domstal) 10mg , 3 times a day
    • Tab. Maxeron/Reglan 10mg, 3 times a day.
    • To prevent motion sickness Tab. Cyclizine or Stugil ? an hour before starting journey.

    • Causes - vomiting, diarrhea, fluid loss due to burns
    • ORS, one glass of water + 1 pinch of common salt + 1 tsp of sugar + 10 drops of lime juice.
    • Common brands of ORS Electral / Walyte.

    • Burnt area to be kept under running cold water, avoid ice cold water.
    • Do not puncture the bullae.
    • Apply silver or soframycin ointment.
    • Cover with sterile dressing.
    • Tab. Paracetamol 500mg, 6 hrs if you feel pain.

    Mosquito and Insect Bites
    • Tab. Cetzine 10 mg, once a day.
    • Topical application of calamine lotion.
    • Pain killer Ibuprofen 100 mg if required

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