Plan your Holiday
  • General Safety Tips

    While traveling a traveler should consider some safety measures and tips. Following are some very important tips which will make your trip safe and enjoyable:-

  • Quick Safety Tips

    • Always register your traveling plans with the state department of your country. This can help you in case of emergency while traveling.
    • Never forget to arrange your overseas medical insurance coverage before traveling. Do ask for all the policies applied overseas by your medical insurance company. Do arrange supplemental insurance in case of non health coverage overseas.
    • Do study and get familiar with the place you intend to visit. Do your research in advance through your traveling agents, friends or internet.
    • Do ask your hotel manager or tourist information officer about all the information to get well known with the whole place.
    • Avoid sharing cab or taxi with strangers. As carjacking is the biggest threat for traveler.
    • Wear money belts, hidden neck and waist pouches, hidden pocket wallets and zippered compartments under your clothes to avoid pick pocketing.
    • Prefer using ATM cards during day time instead of night time.
    • In case of attack or robbery never fight back. It can worse the situation and may risk your life.
    • Always be alert with your surroundings.
    • Never carry or wear too much jewelry while traveling.
    • Choose the safest accommodation or hotel at an unknown place.
    • Do carry all the important documents with you in your hidden money belts or pouches while going out of the hotel. Never forget to check window and door locks before leaving the hotel room.
    • Do arrange an international cell phone while traveling so that you can be in touch with someone in case of emergency.
    • Avoid wearing an obvious "tourist" outfit. It may attract the pick picketers and burglars.
    • If you are taking your children along with you then you should be extra cautious and should never leave your children alone at an unknown place.
    • Always carry plastic money or traveler's check instead of hard cash.
    • Try to travel in those areas which are crowded and safe for families specially women and children.
    • Try to carry just one credit card at a time so that even if you loose one you can still have enough cash to continue your vacation.

  • Do consider avoiding isolated and dark strange streets at night. Do carry a flashlight while going out.

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