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  • Money Belt

    Money belts are similar to pant belts with an internal zippered section to carry money and other important documents. Money belts are considered as the finest security device which can be used by travelers to guard their currency, passport, air tickets and other documents.

    Money belts are used to keep the money and important credentials safe while traveling and these are widely used to prevent street robbery. Basically, money belts act as a safety pouch that ensures that the money is safe while traveling. Here are some important tips to avoid pick pocketing while traveling:-

    • Money belt should be body hugged so that it can't be suspected by burglars or thieves.
    • Try to purchase appropriate waist size and waterproof money belt.
    • Avoid carrying to much cash in you money belt. Rather carry plastic money or traveler's checks. Even if someone steals them or you loose one, you can still block the card and continue with your trip.
    • Always wear money belt subtly under your clothing to avoid robbery.
    • Be very careful to shut money belt zips or buttons to make it harder for robber to track and rob it.
    • To carry lighter items consider carrying a money belt that is worn beneath shirt.
    • For heavier items or credentials including passport or air tickets, do carry money belt which can be worn around your waist line.
    • Try to have small pockets sewn into your undergarments to keep bit of money. These small pockets can also act as a good money belt.
    • Do carry a safety money belt which has multiple sections and pockets to keep all travel-related documents including passport, air tickets and currency intact.
    • Always buy money belts which are hygienic and made of lightweight washable material to keep away bacteria that form due to sweat and body warmth.
    • Compact wrist and leg money belts are also appropriate option to carry small items while traveling.

    Money belts are considered safest option to keep all the valuables while traveling anywhere because these can be worn, sewn or secured under traveler's cloths and it can't be detected easily by other person. Money belts are waterproof therefore these are secured choice when it comes to water skiing, water diving, scuba diving or any other water sport.

  • To add extra safety and security try using wire woven strap money belt while traveling. Such money belt's strap can't be easily sliced by thieves and it can be placed anywhere under your zipper jacket, shirt or pant.

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