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  • Outsmarting Thieves

    A traveler can easily be an easy target for thieves if he/she is new to the surroundings and is not well verse with that place. To reduce the threat of getting robbed, one should take these simple precautionary steps:-

    • Do your homework in regard to the destination you will be visiting with tourism department of respective state.
    • Avoid carrying your wallet or purse in outer jacket pockets or back pockets of your pants.
    • Always carry photocopies of all the important credentials including traveler's checks numbers, passport and visa information and airline tickets. Do inform concerned agencies hurriedly and avoid damage in case of emergency.
    • You can easily become a vulnerable target to pick pockets and thieves so always keep your belongings in front of you at railway and bus stations.
    • Do carry all the contact details of embassy to be used in case of emergency.
    • Try not to wander at night at a strange place.
    • Avoid talking to overfriendly strangers.
    • Avoid messing or fighting up with strangers and thieves.
    • Put on money belts, hidden pouches and hidden pocket wallets to avoid pick pocketing on streets while traveling.
    • A money belt or pouch can easily be tied up around the waist, neck and wrist or under your pants or skirt. By wearing these invisible safety devices under you clothes you can easily outsmart thieves and strangers.
    • Try to open your money belt as least as possible while roaming out. Use it for selected deposits and withdrawals.
    • Never leave your important gadgets like camera and mobile phones inside hotel room. Rather hang them on your neck or carry them with you safely.
    • Try to keep a low profile and act as if you are not a "tourist" or a "stranger" to that place.
    • Avoid drinking alcohol or any hard drink while traveling, especially at night time. It may attract thieves and pick pockets.
    • While traveling on train stay cautious of your ambiance, pickpockets can dash on and off with your wallet or bag inside the train or at stations.
    • Nowadays, carjackers target tourist cars. Carjacking is another criminal act escalating these days. Therefore avoid keeping valuables inside the car.
    • Right away after a robbery, get a police report if you want to make its insurance claim. Traveler's check thievery must be accounted within 24 hours.

  • If traveling with family, do divide important valuables like passports, air tickets, traveler's check and credit cards amongst each family member. Even if theft occurs with one of the family member, you can still continue with your trip.

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