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  • Packing Tips For Men

    Without any intention to offend the sensitivity of our men folks, it seems a bit true that men are the most unorganized species on the earth! Haven't you heard some ladies telling that how their husband on one of his business trips reached the board room without a tie or your colleague telling you that once for a holiday tour he left air ticket at his home and realized it only when he reached the airport? They all were the victims of unorganized packing methods they followed before their trips.

  • Unorganized Trip: A Nuisance

    Generally while you are on your holiday trip and want to enjoy it up to the hilt, the first thing you wish for is that the tour is uninterrupted, smooth and without any bumps. Any hassle and that also because of your own negligence can be frustrating. Suppose, you are traveling to any hill station and forgets to carry your jacket along; one can imagine how much aggravated you would be? So men, follow the under mentioned tips and keep the hassles away: -

    Packing for any trip then be it a holiday trip or a business trip, does not necessarily to be stressful. Just follow these tips and see the difference while you are out of your home. First and golden rule for holiday packing is "Pack it Light". Make sure that you do not over stuff your baggage without missing on the important ones.

    • To start with reserve some time for planning and note down the requirements according to the kinds of trip you are going for.
    • Write down your plan of the days you will spend on the trip. This will help you to organize your belongings in an advance
    • Choose the size of the bags, suitcase etc. accordingly. Light weight bags or suitcases are the best as they are easy to carry.
    • Collect all the required materials to be packed and spread it on the bed.

  • Do a detailed check on what you have gathered around. Check On The Following Matters:

    • Money
    • Ticket
    • IDs
    • Cell Phone and its charger
    • Reading materials
    • Medicine kit containing all necessary first aid equipments and emergency medicines
    • Toiletries like tooth brush, tooth paste, saving kit, comb, perfumes, deodorant, powder and cream.
    • Two pairs of clothes according to the season and taste of the touring place like shirts, pants, trousers, undergarments, tie, slacks etc. If it is business trip then pack formals as well. You can increase the quantity depending upon the days of tour.

  • Other Specific Accessories Related To The Particular Trip. Depending Upon The Needs:

    • Place the items in the bag first which are expected to be least used and heavy in weight so that they do not press down on your clothing when your baggage stands upright.
    • Roll socks and underwear should be packed then as they pose no problem is their creases are broken. They can also be placed inside the shoes to save some place.
    • Lay belts around the edge of the suitcase.
    • Main items like t-shirts and most pants should be rolled before time as saves space and also help in taking them out without unsettling the entire suitcase or bag.
    • While packing shirts, make sure all the buttons are intact and the pant legs are rolled round them.
    • Toiletries are the next thing to be packed. Keep in mind that they are of travel size.
    • Pack your deodorant, toothpaste, shaving cream, shampoo, etc. in sealed air tight plastic bags. In case of waterproof compartment available in your suitcase or bag keep them into it.
    • The medicine kit should be kept at a place from where it can easily be picked out. In case of a bag, it is proper to keep it in the side chain and in the suit case the upper flap is the best place.
    • Keep an extra or two bags in your luggage. It may seem useless but you never know when they become hand.

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