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  • Things To Remember On A Trip To Incredible India!

    Things To Remember On A Trip To Incredible India!

    "Where the sun sets with the temples peal Heaven lies at the mothers feet The streets reflect its rich heritage Come to India for much more that awaits"
    From the holy Ganges to the astounding Taj and the pristine valleys of Kashmir, there is a lot that the colorful estate of India holds within for travelers coming from far off places. It is the magic of its heritage and the warmth of its culture that make people come and go, but never leave. Many people that come to India agree that there isnt a place like it in the whole world; however, I would like to add that not everyones experience in the country had been a tale to remember. In the light of the same, I would further like to add some tips for people planning to visit India for the first time.

    There you go!

  • Watch What You Eat

    Indian food and spices are popular worldwide; however, take special care of what you eat and from where you eat while your stay in India. Follow the locals and ask them about their reviews about the hygiene and food of a place before moving in. This is how you would save yourself from bad food experiences and possible sickness.

  • Care Less About Your Personal Space

    India is a densely populated country where the concept of personal space has its own definition. There will be times when you will be squashed in the local trains and buses and would be asked questions that may sound intimidating, but worry not thats something normal in the country and could be a mere indicative of a locals interest in you.

  • Know the Basic Hindi Words

    Remember, English might be the official language of the country but, there are a limited number of people that are fluent enough in both written and spoken English. To have a comfy visit, make yourself aware with the some of the basic but often used words of Hindi like,

    Hello- Namaste
    Achha- Good
    Kitna Rupiya?- How Much Does It Cost?
    Paani- Water
    Khana- Food
    Madat- Help

  • Move Out Of The Cities

    The cities in India are undoubtedly beautiful, but its the outskirts that hold the glory within. Explore the outer of the cities away from the hustle and bustle of the town but, make sure that you have a reliable localite to guide you through the area.

  • Keep A Check

    Whether its a short trip on a bus or an auto ride, keep a check on the charges that the locals have been charging you. It usually happens that the drivers of auto-rickshaws deliberately drop you in the hotels where the charge also includes their commissions. Beware of being fooled by the local traders they might charge you extra money for the stuff that doesn't even cost a dime.

    That said, the country filled with so many architectural marvels and inviting faces should definitely be on every tradition lover. So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and move to India. The colorful streets painted in the hue of diversity awaits, Incredible India awaits!

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