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  • Yoga Health Tips

    People who have indulged themselves into this old age art of Yoga have discovered that they feel much more fresh, relaxed and charged up. Yoga practice provides them the ability to regain and recover their physical strength, energy and flexibility. Yoga has an ability to make you healthy by strengthening your joints and muscles and by providing tension free life.

    Yoga is the best and safest way to feel relaxed, reduce stress and charge up your health. Routine Yoga practice could not only prevent your body from health problems but at the same time it will recover your body from present health problems. Yoga and meditation is been used and practiced widely to eradicate mental disorders like tensions and depression.

    Spine stretching and lengthening Yoga facilitates proper functioning of lungs and heart and leads to feeing of all energy blocks.

    Opt for stretchable clothes that ease up free body movement while doing Yoga. Elasticity is another important thing you must consider before buying Yoga clothing. Elasticity is needed to facilitate body movements easily at different poses.

    Side word bending poses helps a lot to open the blocked channels of the gallbladder, liver, chest and heart.

    Yoga helps you to stay fit and loose that extra flab of fat visible on your abdomen and other body parts. Yoga is a blessing to all those who want to overcome stress, uncontrollable behavior and personality disorders.

    To cure hip and knee joint pain, do knee posture (Janusanchalan). Start by lying down in Supine position and slowly moving hands around the head. Now bend your left leg under your knee and rest your foot near the hip and slowly turn the knee to right hand side. Repeat it with right leg.

    Leg Movement posture (Padasanchalana) can be done to increase flexibility of leg and hip muscles and joints. Start by relaxing in Supine posture; slowly keep your hand close to your body. Now raise your left leg 30 to 40 degrees above the ground level and rotate it in the clockwise position, repeat this procedure with right leg.

    Yoga plays a very important role in preparing a pregnant woman for delivery. Yoga allows the body to stretch and to remove tension and tightness. It provides you ease and comfort from all the annoyances related to pregnancy. Pregnant women can do breathing exercises to improve the blood circulation and digestive system. Always consult your doctor before opting for Yoga practice while pregnancy.

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