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Tourist Attraction in Alexandria

Alexandria offers you countless activities while you are on a holiday here. You can visit several great museums exhibiting antiquities and rare collection of the items of Roman era. You can rejuvenate yourself by going for fishing and various other outdoor activities like swimming and surfing.

Best Places to Visit :

Some of the major Tourist Attractions in Alexandria are :

    √ Greco-Roman Museum : - Greco-Roman Museum is the main museum of Alexandria and was built in 1887. It exhibits large collection of antiquities from the Greco-Roman era.

    √ The Roman Theatre : - The Roman Theatre is one of the important sites in Alexandria that is reserved for musical and ballet shows which attract Egyptians to this great place.

    √ The fort of Qayetbay : - The fort of Qayetbay built in 1480 on the ruins of the Alexandria Lighthouse to repel raiders from the Mediterranean. It has medieval-style architecture and is named after the Mamelouk Sultan Qaitbay.

    √ Al-Haramlek Palace : - Al-Haramlek Palaceis built on a low plateau region amidst several beautiful gardens. It is now a presidential palace. The palace is known for the unique architecture which is the combination of Islamic and European elements.

    √ Al Manshia Square : - It is Alexandria's main square which features a statue of Mohamed Ali.

    √ Stanley Bridge : - Stanley Bridge is built over the Stanley bay. It was inspired by the Montazah Palace.

    √ Al-Montazah Palace : - Al-Montazah Palace is the Palace which comprises of a number of buildings like Al-Haramlek, the summer residence of the former royal family, Palestine Hotel and the tourist hotel.

    √ The Antoniadis Gardens : - They contain beautifully arranged trees and flowers, as well as several Grecko statues in marble and the Antoniadis palace.

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