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About Niue

Niue lies towards the northeast of New Zealand in the South Pacific Ocean. An island territory, Niue is commonly known as “the Rock”. Niue’s free association with the neighbor country New Zealand and being the first “Wi-Fi nation” of World makes it quite a known place in Oceania.
Tourism is one of the three most economic industries of Niue. The two other are agriculture and fishing industry. Air New Zealand serves as the access facility to Niue. Every week there is a flight of Air New Zealand that goes to Niue.
Niue is considered a paradise in terms of eco-tourism. The relaxed environment with only around 600 as its local population strength, Niue is a perfect place to enjoy a calm holiday in the Pacific Ocean. Diving, caving, and fishing are some of the popular watersport activities that are widely enjoyed by the tourists of Niue.
The best part about the Niue people and their government is that they had allowed and at the same time preserved the wilderness and natural beauty of Niue as they used to be. This brings the visitors a step closer to the remote and unspoiled nature of the Pacific region. Crystal clear water of the ocean and swimming in it having whales and dolphins as companions is a hard thing to forget in a lifetime if one once had enjoyed it.
Tourism industry is developing day by day in Niue. Touring to this small place on the earth is one of a kind experience. The welcoming and friendly nature of Niue people is an added advantage as well as uniqueness of Niue.

Currency :

New Zealand dollar

Time Zone :


Calling Code :

+ 683

Capital :


Language :

English and Niue

Area :

260 km²