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  • Brazzaville
  • Congo
  • Country Republic of the Congo.
  • Languages French is the official language.
  • Currency CFA Franc BEAC is the currency.
  • Region Brazzaville region.
  • Geographic Coordination 4°16'S 15°17'E.
  • Area The total area is 100 Km2.
  • Population The population estimated in 2001 was1, 018,541.

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Brazzaville Overview

Brazzaville is the capital and largest city of the Republic of the Congo and is located on the Congo River. Brazzaville was named after Pierre Savorgnan de Brazza, a Franco-Italian explorer who charmed the local natives to place their kingdom under the French for protection. Brazzaville retains a palpable French air with its tree-lined boulevards, awe-inspiring landscapes, streetside caf's, several places of attractions etc makes it a paradise.


The city is home to Maya-Maya Airport and a railway station on the Congo-Ocean Railway. It is also an important river port, with ferries sailing to Kinshasa and to Bangui via Impfondo. The port for ferries to Kinshasa is known locally as "The Bleach Beach" for the bleached-white bones that occasionally show up on its shores. The Livingstone Falls lie on the outskirts of the city, where the Djoué River meets the Congo, rendering river transport to the coast impossible, qualifying the railway as a portage railway. Taxis are available on every street, and the fare for a short trip is CF700, although foreigners will usually be expected to pay a slaving company for rickshaw services. Walking is quite safe, even while carrying expensive equipment and money, and since Brazzaville is a relatively small "bastion of civilization" it is easy enough to get around on foot

Local Transport : There are many options available to travel around inside the city. Local taxis will take you around anywhere in the town. Hiring a car is a good option to tour the city as it will not only save time but save you from unnecessary grievances.

Getting Around : Brazzaville can be reached from Paris by Air France. One can also travel to Brazzaville from Kinshasa by boat, but flying is more or less recommended to reach Brazzaville. Ethiopian Airline from Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) is another option to reach Brazzaville. Royal Air Maroc operates three direct flights in a week from Brazzaville to Casablanca.

Shopping and Entertainment

Undoubtedly Shopping in Brazzaville is altogether a marvelous experience but expensive too. The town has all kinds of things available but almost at four times the price of thing available anywhere else in the world. Below are some of the very popular shopping places amongst the people :

    √ Casino : - Casino has the largest supermarket where everything is overpriced. √ Marche Du Plateau Craft Market : - Marche Du Plateau Craft Market is a hot spot for shopping where you can find an exclusive range of crafts, clothes and souvenirs etc. Bargaining is a must. √ Tala Na Miso : - Tala Na Miso is located on the same road as the Marche du Plateau craft market. It specializes in wood carvings and some brass work. You will also get an excellent collection of paintings from local artists but they are very expensive.
Entertainment : Evenings hold a lot of charm in Brazzaville. As the sun dips, the action starts and people brace up themselves for the rocking night ahead.
    ♣ Ram Dam : - Ram Dam is a nightclub located at Laico Maya-Maya Brazzaville Hotel. It is one of the expensive but excellent bars in Brazzaville. ♣ Boom Boom Afrique : - Boom Boom Afrique is a superb lounge and scores high on the list of best hangouts in Brazzaville. ♣ Diplomat : - Diplomat is a local hotspot where you can listen to local bands, watch local dancers and enjoy local karaoke. ♣ 3 D Bar : - 3 D Bar is located close to Exotic Palace restaurant. This bar/lounge is a favorite among the young and hip crowd in Brazzaville.

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