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About London

Visiting London is all together a different experience. The city offers plethora of emotions for its visitors. Being the capital city of England, it stands up to its reputation as a prolific metropolitan: the melting pot of different cultures. Shrouded in the cover of typical European culture and modern marvels, London is the fabulous place that will drift you into its unique ethnicity, fun and frolic away from mundane day to day life. In the context of World History London has been the center of many political as well as strategic affairs of the world since long. The city had its beginning almost 2000 years ago with the arrival of Romans. However it rose to prominence in the period of Renascence. England emerged as a World Power in this period and went on ruling virtually every part of the world. As London was the capital of United Kingdom at that time, it was the center of every political decision which had affect of the World History. The People of London take pride in this glorious past of the city. London still reflects that regal aura, though it no longer enjoys the same seminal position that it used to in the past.

State : United Kingdom
Area : 1, 706.8 km2
Population : 7,556,900 (2007)
Languages : English
Geographic Coordination :

51"30'28"N 00�07'41"W.

Country : England
Region : London
Language : English
Currency : Pound
Country code : + 44
Area code : 121
City population : 1,010,200