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E-Brochure / Flip Book

TourTravelWorld.Com offers best-in-class Flip Book designing service. We design fantastic flip books, which amaze the viewers with their wonderful effect that feels as if you are turning real pages with each click. Flip Book is a Multipurpose Digital Brochure, which professionally circulates vital information of your business and offerings, in an engaging, interactive form of presentation, via your website, offline presentations or printed copies.

Flip Book is

  • Multipurpose in the sense that you can embed it online, use it for offline presentations, and create hard copies as well.
  • Digital which means you get an edge as you can transfer it electronically at low cost.
  • A Brochure that lets you share details of your company, product, or service with appealing graphics.

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You can use Flip Book as

  • An online brochure, embed on your website.
  • A PDF, to be used for offline presentations.
  • A printed brochure to circulate as hard copy.

Features of Flip Book

  • Vibrant presentation of texts and images.
  • Viewer can view and turn the pages of this Flipbook, like a book.
  • Viewers can conveniently zoom-in or zoom-out as per requirement.
  • The quality of display remains the best in zoomed and printed versions.
  • Flexible options to navigate to desired pages.