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  • Francistown
  • Botswana
  • Population The total population is 113,315.
  • Country Botswana.
  • Languages English is the official language, but Tswana is also widely spoken.
  • Currency Botswana pula (BWP) is the currency of Francistown.
  • Region North-East part of Botswana.
  • Geographic Coordination 21°10'S 27°30'E.

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Francistown Overview

Francistown, the second largest city in Botswana is located in eastern Botswana. It is oftenly called as the "Capital of the North". The town is a favorite tourists� destination, located at the confluence of the Tati and Inchwe rivers. The city has a Zimbabwean feel to it with well stocked markets, exclusive shopping malls, excellent restaurants etc. Even the city�s nightlife is worth exploring as there are numerous casinos, clubs etc making it an ideal destination.

Climate and Geography

It has a semi-arid kind of climate. The winters are warm and summers are hot.

Suitable Visiting Seasons ( months) : The perfect time to visit is from July to September.


There are various options to travel around inside the city. You can hire a taxi or take car on rent. Renting a car is not very expensive. Buses also take you around the city but are often crowded and tiring. Hitching is a faster option than taking the bus.

Getting Around : The town itself is very compact and has several options open for reaching here. There is a railway station at the northern end and the bus station at the southern end. The city is connected to all the main cities of Botswana through train and bus. You can also reach the city by air as there are many scheduled flights served by the country.

Shopping and Entertainment

Francistown has numerous shopping malls around the bus station which are reasonable and fairly cheap. Most of the people head to the mall in the evening for shopping. Some of the popular ones are : -

  • Barclays Plaza
  • Nzano Center
  • The Village Mall (Diggers Inn)
  • Galo Shopping Center
  • Golden Valley Mall (Marang Superspar Complex)
  • Nswazwi Shopping Center.

Francistown does not have a lot to offer when it comes to entertainment, but still there are few cinemas and clubs like the New Yorker etc. Both the Marangu and the Thapama hotels have very popular bars and casinos.

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