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  • Gaborone
  • Botswana
  • Population The total population estimated in 2005 was 208,411.
  • Country Botswana.
  • Languages The Setswana and English are the most spoken languages in Botswana.
  • Currency Botswana pula (BWP) is the currency of Gaborone.
  • Geographic Coordination 24°39'29"S 25°54'44"E.

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Gaborone Overview

Gaborone is the capital of Botswana and located in the southern part of the country, very close to the border of South Africa. The city posses rich mines of sparkling diamonds and plays significant role in the trade and business. Thus, the major part of the population living here is chiefly employed in mines and trading business. Gaborone has a golden past. Many powerful kingdoms and rulers invaded this town because of its location as well as richness in natural resources. The blend of various cultures, traditions, music etc makes this town a paradise on earth. Today, the city has all the modern facilities, excellent restaurants, plenty of clubs, bars and casinos etc of international standards, making it a perfect holiday destination.

Climate and Geography

The climate of Gaborone is subtropical kind with hot summers and very cold in winter. The cityoverall has a dry climate with occasional thunderstorms in the summers and very little rains in winters.

Suitable Visiting Seasons ( months) : The perfect time to visit Gaborone is between April and November.


The city has a well developed system of network and so you can easily travel around anywhere. A few great options to travel are : -

    By Taxi

They are easily available and you can even save your money by sharing the expensise.

    By Combi

Combis are white vans that are like mini-buses.

    By Bus

Buses are cheap and most of them travel to every corner of the world. But some times they are crowded.

Getting Around : Gaborone can be easily reached. It has one of the busiest airports, serving many scheduled flights in a day. Train and buses also run here and are connect to main cities of Kenya. Cycling and hitchhiking are also a preferred way of touring the city.

Shopping and Entertainment

Gaborone invites you for a unique yet comprehensive shopping experience. Wood products, ancient historical items, stone items and souvenirs etc all are available in the Main Mall. You can save some money by bargaining on the marked price of the items at the Riverwalk Mall. You must visit Game store in Game City Mall which is the biggest super stone in Botswana and has got variety of items. But don�t forget to stop by the Green Shop that is housed in a traditional hut and gives a rare insight into the city's past.

There are countless night clubs that host live music by local artists and serve finest wines etc. In weekends you will generally find the discos and pubs flooded with people. Some of the popular ones are : -

  • Ozone
  • Fashion Lounge
  • Lizzard Lounge
  • NB Lizard.

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