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Chengdu Overview

Chengdu is a city of China. The name is also spelled by many as Chengtu. According to the assimilations, the administrative area gives shelter to 14,047,625 people. The 2010 census declares Chengdu to be China’s fifth most populous city. The city is also counted amongst those regions in Western China that are hub of commerce, transportation, finance and communication.

Well-Connected by Air & Rail!

  • The airport located here, Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport ranks amongst the world’s top forty busiest airports.
  • Chengdu Railway Station is also counted amongst the country’s sixth biggest railway stations.

Various Names of Chengdu

Though Chengdu is the city’s original name but various nicknames have also been given to the city. People also colloquially refer to the city as the City of Hibiscus, the Brocade City and the Turtle City.


  • There are many bridges, alleys and streets in the city that belong to the days before 1949.
  • The city houses the largest building of the world, New Century Global Centre, according to July 2013 statistics.

Chengdu was stated as one of the top 10 cities that could be invested in according to “2007 Public Appraisal for Best Chinese Cities for Investment”. Chengdu is also known as a city where most of the literature is written in the country.

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