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Day wise Itinerary

  • Day 1 : Arrive – Beijing

    Transfer Via: International Flight Arrange On Your Own
    upon Arriving At the Beijing Airport, Your Local Guide Will Meet You and Escort You to Your Hotel. the Rest of the Day is Yours to Relax or Step Out Into this Amazing Metropolis for An Adventure On Your Own.
    overnight in Beijing

  • Day 2 : Beijing Tours

    On this Day You Will Visit Tiananmen Square, and the Magnificent Forbidden City. In the Afternoon, You Will Marvel At the Spectacular Temple of Heaven and Then Prince Gong Mansion. Enjoy a Famous Peking Duck Banquet for Dinner.
    the Tian’anmen (gate of Heavenly Peace) Square: the Largest City Square in the World and the Spiritual Heart of China, Where the National Flag is Raised Exactly At Sunrise Everyday.
    the Forbidden City: Located in the Center of Beijing, Used to Be the Imperial Palace of the Ming and Qing Dynasties with a History of Around 600 Years, It is the Grandest Integral Palace Complex Still Remaining in China.
    the Temple of Heaven: the Place Which Was Visited Yearly By the Emperors Who Performed Intricate Rituals to Insure a Good Harvest for the Whole Nation At Ancient Times.
    Overnight in Beijing

    • Meals & Drinks : B, L, D
  • Day 3 : Beijing Tour

    you Will Visit to the Magnificent Great Wall (badaling Section) and Sacred Road.
    the Great Wall: the Most Famous Symbol of China and One of the World’s Most Remarkable Architectural Wonders, It Was Built Over 2,000 Years Ago and Stretching About 6,700km.
    the Great Wall At Badaling: the Most Outstanding Representation of China’s Great Wall, Located 70km Northwest of Beijing, At An Elevation of 1000m, this Section Was First Built During the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644 Ad) and Heavily Restored in the 1950s and 1980s. Standing At the Strategic Highest Point from Northwest of Beijing and Giving Access to Every Direction, Badaling Section is the Important Pass for Protecting Beijing City Badaling Section is Composed of Guan City and Its Affiliated Wall, with City Platforms, Wall Platforms and Watchtowers Along the Wall. the Wall is 8.5 Meters High, 6.5 Meters Wide At the Bottom and 5.7 Meters Wide On the Top, Which Makes It Possible for 5 Horses or 10 People March Abreast On the Top. and the Surrounding Scenery is Magnificent and Impressive.
    the Sacred Road: the Path Lined with Stone Statues of Animals, Mystical Beasts and Officials Who Serve the Emperor in His Afterlife, Through Which the Sitting Emperors Would Go to Perform Memorial Rituals for the Ancestors Once a Year.
    overnight in Beijing

    • Meals & Drinks : B, L
  • Day 4 : Beijing

    After breakfast, you will visit some of Beijing’s Hutongs by rickshaw. Lunch will be served in one of the local’s homes during the tour. In the afternoon you will visit the Summer Palace.
    – Hutongs: the old narrow paths with lots of courtyard homes where common people are living, they are like villages within megalopolis, through the hutongs’ teeming maze of alleyways, you will see the old houses and learn about the daily life of ordinary Beijing citizens.
    – The Summer Palace: Located on the northwestern outskirts of the city, it was an imperial summer resort of the Qing Dynasty. With its perfect layout, magnificent buildings and enchanting landscape, it is the most splendid classical garden in China.
    Overnight in Beijing

    • Meals & Drinks : B, L
  • Day 5 : Beijing – Chengdu by flight

    On this day you will be free until your local guide escorts you to the airport for your flight to Chengdu. Upon arriving in Chengdu, your personal guide will meet you and escort you to your hotel for a rest before you are taken out for a delicious dinner of Sichuan cuisine at a local restaurant.
    – Chengdu: centrally located in the western Sichuan Plain, the capital of Sichuan Province, Chengdu has a history of over 2300 years. It is renowned for its fertile land and agricultural wealth, which have earned the city the nickname “Storehouse of Heaven”
    Overnight in Chengdu

    • Meals & Drinks : B, D
  • Day 6 : Chengdu Tou

    On this Day, You Will Visit the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, Followed By a Trip to the Wenshu Temple Where You Can Spend Some Time Sitting in Its Tea House Enjoying a Cup of Traditional Chinese Tea and Absorb the Special Atmosphere of Chengdu and Jili Old Street.
    Giant Panda Breeding Research Base: 18km from the City Center, is Home to 12 Pandas. It is the Best Place to See Chengdu’s Most Famous Residents Get to Know More About this Precious Species.
    Wenshu Temple: Chengdu’s Oldest and Largest Buddhist Temple Was Originally Built in Tang Dynasty. It Was Rebuilt During the Qing Dynasty and Features Exquisite Relief Carvings. You Can Absorb the Very Atmosphere of Chengdu Here: the Temple is Full of Local Worshippers Burning Incense. the Tea House At the Back of the Complex is a Great Place to Relax Yourself and Do Some People Watching, While the Streets Outside are Filled with Blind Fortune-tellers, Hawkers Selling Incense, Paper Money and Statues.
    Jinli Old Street: Located in Chengdu Combines the Ambience of Ancient and Modern China. Jinli Old Street Was Constructed in 2004 in the Traditional Architectural Style of Sichuan Province During the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). Jinli Old Street is Not Only a Wonderful Reminder China’s Past, But also a Great Place for People to Fully Appreciate Sichuan’s Customs, and Folk Arts.
    overnight in Chengdu

    • Meals & Drinks : B, L
  • Day 7 : Chengdu – Shangrila by flight

    You Will Be Free Until Your Local Guide Escorts You to the Airport for Your Flight to Shangri-la. Upon Arrival, Your Tour Guide Will Meet You and Escort You to Your Hotel.
    zhongdian (shangri-la County): the Capital of Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Where There are Beautiful Snow Mountains, Vast Grasslands, Plateau Lakes, and Exotic Tibetan Customs, Recently It Has Got the Name Shangri-la Which Means “the Sun and the Moon in the Heart” in Tibetan Language.
    overnight in Shangrila

    • Meals & Drinks : B
  • Day 8 : Shangrila Tour

    In the moring, you will visit Dabao Temple which is built on a rugged green hillside at an altitude of 3,300 m and is one of the earliest Tibetan Buddhist temples built in Zhongdian. Away from the hustling and bustling world, and not so jammed by noisy tourists, Dabao Temple is an ideal place to experience Tibetan culture in Shangri-la. You will walk by the surrounding Tibetan villages and you can choose to pay a visit to a local family, and try their homemade yak-butter tea which is quite different from those available in the restaurants and hotels. In the afternoon, drive back to visit Gedan Songzanlin Monastery (Guihua Monastery) which was first built in 1679 AD and has been rebuilt many times. It is the biggest and the most important monastery of Tibetan Buddhism in Yunnan province. The architectural style of the building is a faithful imitation of the Potala Palace, so it is called as “the Small Potala Palace” and “Tibetan Art Museum”.
    Overnight in Shangrila

    • Meals & Drinks : B, L
  • Day 9 : Shangrila – Lijiang by car

    In the morning you will be driven to Lijiang, on the way, you will the Tiger Leaping Gorge, the deepest gorge in the world. And you will also visit town of Shigu (Stone Drum) to view the stunning First Bend of the Yangtze River and Iron Chain Bridge.
    – Shigu (Stone Drum) Town: standing on a green hill, overlooking the First Bend of the Yangtze River with terraced rice fields on the mountains, the town has witnessed many historical events as it has been a natural ferry and a fortress to be seized by the strategists since ancient times. Its sites of interests include Iron Chain Bridge and Opera Platform built in Qing Dynasty, Stone Drum Pavilion and so on.
    – First Bend of the Yangtze River: formed by the Yangtze River rushing down from the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau with a sharp turn of 45 degrees at Shigu (Stone Drum) Town before the river continues running on to northeast.
    – Tiger Leaping Gorge: 92 km north of Lijiang County, between peaks of over 3,000 meters above the Jinsha River (upper course of Yangtze River), the legend goes that tigers often leap to the other side of the river by a huge rock lying in the middle of the river at the entrance of the Gorge, hence the name, this 17-kilometer-long Gorge is honored as the deepest and one of the most marvelous gorges on the earth.
    Overnight in Li Jiang

    • Meals & Drinks : B, L
  • Day 10 : Lijiang Tour

    In the Morning You Will Walk Around the Old Town When It is Not that Busy. Followed By the Lion Hill, You Can Enjoy a Bird’s Eye View of the Ancient Town and Explore a Local Market Close By with Your Guide. After This, You Will Go to Black Dragon Pool Park, Where You Can See the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain from Afar. in the Afternoon You have a Free Day to Relax.
    overnight in Li Jiang

    • Meals & Drinks : B, L
  • Day 11 : Lijiang Tour

    Today firstly you will visit Lashihai wetland which was approved as a plateau wetland nature reserve in Yunnan Province in June, 1998. Since then, the nature reserve has been rehabilitated, protected and improved, which turns to be a paradise of thousands of birds consisted of 57 species, a place where biodiversity has been effectively conserved. You could enjoy the boating on the Lashi Lake (Optional: RMB60/pax).

    Later you will visit Naxi and other minority nationalities inhabited around Lashihai Lake, who are rich in cultural and folk customs. Zhiyun Temple situated by Lashihai Lake is regarded as one of the five temples in the city of Lijiang. It is a famous tourism spot of Tibetan Lamaism.
    In the afternoon, you will go to Shuhe Ancient Town which was protected as “the world culture heritage site” , for it is not only a very important town in the Tea-horse Road that leads to Tibet, but also a famous cobbler town. Shuhe was built along the Jade Dragon Snow mountainside and faces the river.
    Overnight in Li Jiang

    • Meals & Drinks : B, L
  • Day 12 : Lijiang – Dali by car

    Today You Will Be Driven for About 3-4 Hours. Along the Way, You Will Stop By the Zhou Village and See Their Unique Process of Tie-dying Cloth. After Arriving in Dali, You Will Be Met By Your Local Guide. the Rest of the Day is Yours to Relax, or Step Out Onto the City for a Little Adventure of Your Own.
    Zhoucheng Village: 30km North of Dali, It is the Biggest Village of Bai People with Over 1500 Households, Where You Can Visit the Homebase Workshop of the Local Folk Art“tie-dying” By Bai Women, Who Use a Special Dye Called Banlangen and Paint Designs of Animals and Flowers On Fabric Tied with Threads.
    overnight in Dali

    • Meals & Drinks : B, L
  • Day 13 : Dali Tour

    On this day you will take a relaxing cruise on Erhai Lake. You will then visit the Bai ethnic minority village, followed by a visit to the famous Dali Ancient Town.
    – Dali: located on the side of the Cang Mountain 400 kilometres to the west of Kunming, with 1900-meter altitude, it is a historical and cultural city inhabited by Bai people, most of whom live in the houses consisting of three rooms and a screen wall.
    – Erhai: in the shape of an ear, covering 250 square kilometres, with its vast pool of water shining under the sun like a sheet of vivid green and the snow mantles of the Cang Mountain reflecting quiveringly in it, it is known poetically as “Silver Cang Mountain and Jade-like Erhar”.
    – Xizhou Bai Minority Village: a photogenic village 20km north of Dali, where Bai minority people are living and where you will can get some ideas of the Bais’ flair for architecture and elegant living.
    – Dali Ancient Town: first established in 1382 AD, with a moat surrounding, this old town has a typical layout like a chessboard, old-timey roofed buildings with dark blue tiles and the white and gray tall walls.
    Overnight in Dali

    • Meals & Drinks : B, L
  • Day 14 : Dali / Kunming / Guilin by flight

    You Will Be Escorted to the Airport to Take the Flight to Kunming. You Will Transfer the Flight to Guilin Yourselves in Kunming Airport. Upon Your Arrival in Guilin, the Most Scenic City in China, Your Personal Guide Will Meet You and Escort You to Your Hotel. the Rest of the Day is Yours to Relax, or Step Out Into this Dynamic City for a Little Adventure On Your Own.
    overnight in Guilin

    • Meals & Drinks : B
  • Day 15 : Guilin / Yangshuo by car

    After breakfast, you will be driven to Zhujiang Pier (40-minute drive) to start your boat cruise down the picturesque Li River, which is the highlight of any visit to Guilin, until you get to Yangshuo County. Along the river, you will be inspired by breathtaking views of peaks and pinnacles, crystal-clear water and picturesque pastoral views of rice paddies and water buffaloes. Visitors feel they have stepped into a traditional Chinese painting. After checking into your hotel, you will be free to explore Yangshuo and its famous West Street.
    (Optional evening show: Impression Sanjie Liu RMB250 per person)
    – Yangshuo County: founded in 590 AD, Yangshuo County has been booming because of tourism. With so many beautiful mountains surrounding, it is described as “the world of green lotus and jade bamboo shoots”.
    – West Street: a busy and exotic stone paved street in Yangshuo County, about 2km long crammed with shops, pubs, and cafés, where visitors can relax and do some souvenir shopping.
    Overnight in Yangshuo

    • Meals & Drinks : B, L
  • Day 16 : Yangshuo Tour

    After Breakfast, You Will Be Escorted By Our Guide and Driver to Take a Circle Route from Jima Road to Liugong Village and Then Back to Yangshuo Town; Along the Road You Will Enjoy the Countryside Villages, Farms and Mountains. the Rest of the Day is Yours to Relax, or Try Out Yangshuo’s Many Bars and Cafes. After the Tour, You Will Be Free On Your Own.
    overnight in Yangshuo

    • Meals & Drinks : B, L
  • Day 17 : Yangshou – Free day on your own activities

    You are free on your own to relax today.
    Overnight in Yangshuo

    • Meals & Drinks : B
  • Day 18 : Yangshuo – Guilin – Hangzhou by flight

    Today’s excursion will bring you to Fubo Hill before your guide escorts you to the airport for your flight to Hangzhou. Upon your arrival at Hangzhou, your personal guide will meet you and escort you to your hotel.
    Overnight in Hangshuo

    • Meals & Drinks : B, L
  • Day 19 : Hangzhou

    The City Tour in this Beautiful City Will Include: West Lake By Boat, Lingyin Temple and Feilai Peak, Dragon Well Tea Plantation and the Museum of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
    west Lake: Considered One of the Most Beautiful Sights in Hangzhou. with the Green Hills, Willow Trees, Elegant Bridges and Clean Spring Water Around, the View of the West Lake is Simply Enchanting.
    lingyin Temple: Notable as One of the Ten Most Famous Buddhist Temples of China and Considered a Leading Centre for Research Relative to Chinese Buddhist Culture.
    feilai Peak (peak Flying from Afar): Opposite the Lingyin Temple, 209 Meters (about 700 Feet) High, It is a Hill Covered with Inscriptions and Relieves Carved Into the Rock Dating from the 10th to 14th Centuries.
    dragon Well Tea Plantation: Dragon Well Green Tea is One of the Most Famous Brand in China, There, You Can Enjoy the Tea, Wander Around the Tea Field and Breath Fresh Air.”
    museum of Traditional Chinese Medicine: Located to the North of Wu Hill, There is An Ancient Resplendent and Magnificent Architectural Complex of Hu Qing Yu Tang Drugstore. Let’s Travelers Better Understand the Eastern Medicinal Concepts.
    overnight in Hangshuo

    • Meals & Drinks : B, L
  • Day 20 : Hangzhou Tour

    After Breakfast, You Will Visit Former Residence of Hu Xueyan, the Six Harmonies Pagoda and the China Hangzhou Cuisine Museum. You are Free After the Tour.
    -six Harmonies Pagoda:first Built in 970 Ad in the Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127) to Calm Down the Tide of the Qiantang River, It is a Pavilion Style Tower Made of Brick and Wood with a Height of 59.89 Meters. the Name ‘six Harmonies’ Comes from the Six Buddhist Ordinances, Meaning ‘harmonies of the Heaven, Earth, East, West, South and North’.
    overnight in Hangshuo

    • Meals & Drinks : B, L
  • Day 21 : Hangzhou – Suzhou by express train

    You Will Be Free On this Day Until Your Personal Guide Escorts You to the Railway Station for Your Train to Suzhou. After Your Arrival, Our Local Guide Will Meet You and Escort You to Your Hotel.
    overnight in Suzhuo

    • Meals & Drinks : B, L
  • Day 22 : Suzhou Tour

    After Breakfast, Your Tour in Suzhou (which Has Been Known as the Venice of the East) Today Includes: the Intimate Garden of the Master of Nets, and Then Visit the Pan Gate, the Grand Canal, Suzhou Museum and the No.1 Silk Factory. Overnight At Suzhou.
    – Garden of the Master of Nets: a Miniature Garden Built Around a Pool and First Laid Out in 1140, Its Outstanding Feature is that It Combines Living Quarters with the Landscape Garden and is Claimed as the Best Example of Illustrating How the Few Surpasses Many.
    – the Grand Canal: Commenced in the Sui Dynasty (605-616 Ad), 1794 Kilometers Long from Beijing to Hangzhou, the Grand Canal Has Created a Bountiful Agricultural Region and Served as a Major Transportation Artery Between North and South.
    – the Pan Gate: the Only Remaining City Gate, Dating Backing to the 12th Century, It is Built Over Suzhou’s Former Moat.
    – the No.1 Silk Factory: Suzhou is Famous for Its Silk Production. in the Factory You Can Learn More About Silk Production and Detailed Steps of the Silk Making Process, You Will have An Opportunity to Purchase Some of the Incredibly Delicate Works as Well if You Feel Like.
    overnight in Suzhou

    • Meals & Drinks : B, L
  • Day 23 : Suzhou Tour

    Today you visit the ancient water town Tongli.
    Overnight in Suzhou

    • Meals & Drinks : B, L
  • Day 24 : Suzhou – Shanghai by train

    You will be free on this day until your personal guide escorts you to the railway station for your train to Shanghai. After your arrival, our local guide will meet you and escort you to your hotel.
    Overnight in Shanghai

    • Meals & Drinks : B
  • Day 25 : Shanghai Tour

    Today, your tour of incredible Shanghai will include: Shanghai Museum, the Bund and the Nanjing Road, Yu Garden and Yuyuan Market.
    – Shanghai Museum: often ranked as China’s best museum, it is the biggest museum in China with a fine collection of over 120,000 pieces of Chinese artifacts.
    -The Bund (the word “Bund” was derived from Anglo-Indian word meaning quay): where the great trading houses and banks had their headquarters in 1920s and 1930s, about a mile long, it is the city’s fulcrum.
    – Nanjing Road: known as “China’s No.1 Shopping Street” with a huge of merchandise on sale.
    – Yu Garden: located in the Old Town of Shanghai and laid out in 1559 AD by a powerful Ming official, Yu Garden recreates a beautiful landscape of pagodas, pavilions, rockeries, fountains, ancient trees and precious flowers.
    – Yuyuan Market: Outside the Yu Garden, a bustling market with different snacks and trinkets.
    Overnight in Shanghai

    • Meals & Drinks : B, L
  • Day 26 : Shanghai (

    After breakfast, you will visit the Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center, which chronicles Shanghai’s past, present and future. You will immerse yourself in the peaceful atmosphere in the Jade Buddha Temple. You will later visit the Old French Concession Streets to see the old French style villas located there.
    – Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall: This museum has five floors that detail the ambitious plans of Shanghai’s urban planners. It fully displays the achievements of Shanghai in city planning and construction and embodies the theme of “city, man, environment, and development”.
    – Jade Buddha Temple: named after its exquisite milk-white jade Buddha brought from Burma in the 19th century by a Chinese monk, it is a spiritual oasis in the midst of a modern metropolis.
    Overnight in Shanghai

    • Meals & Drinks : B, L
  • Day 27 : Shanghai Tour

    After Breakfast, You Will Visit Historic Zhujiajiao Village (50 Minute Drive from Shanghai). At Zhujiajiao, You Will Walk Through Fangsheng Bridge, Beida Street, and the Xi Family Residence. You Will Feel as Though You have Stepped Back in Time. After Your Trip to this Beautiful Village, You Will Be Driven Back to Shanghai.
    Zhujiajiao Village: a Well-preserved and Fan-shaped Village with Hundreds of Years of History. Located On the Shore of Dingshan Lake, It Was One of the Largest Commercial Centers On the Lower Reaches of the Yangtze River During the Ming and Qing Dynasties (1368-1911ad). Today Visitors Can See Thousands of Buildings in the Ming and Qing Style Standing Along the River. the Village Features 36 Ancient Stone Bridges Which Connect Nine Streets in the Village to Form a Unique and Beautiful Waterscape.
    Fangsheng Bridge: Fangsheng Means Freeing Captive Animals, the Bridge Looks like a Rainbow Over the Peaceful, Flowing River.
    Beida Street: 1 Kilometer Long, with Over 400-years of History, is the Best Preserved Street of Ming and Qing Dynasty Architecture in the Shanghai Area. It Features Many Old Shops and Old Residences.
    Xi Family Residence: Built By a Celebrity in the Ming Dynasty, It is a Mansion Built in the Ming Dynasty Style. Its Exquisitely Carved Bricks and Window Frames Show the Amazing Ability of Ancient Artisans.
    overnight in Shanghai

    • Meals & Drinks : B, L
  • Day 28 : Shanghai – Free Day On Your Own Activities

    You are Free On Your Own Today.
    overnight in Shanghai

    • Meals & Drinks : B
  • Day 29 : Shanghai – Departure

    Free in the Day Until Our Local Guide Escorts You to the Airport for Your Flight To
    end of Our Services.

    • Meals & Drinks : B

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