Top Tourist Places To Visit in Solapur

Top Tourist Places To Visit in Solapur

  • Solapur
  • Maharashtra
  • India

Solapur Overview

Solapur is a city located in the Indian state of Maharashtra. The name of this city is derived from a Sanskrit word that means sixteen villages. In the previous times, the city was ruled by the various dynasties like Andhtabhartya, Chalukya, Rashtrakuta, Yadav, and Brahmani. During the rule of these dynasties, the charming Hindu shrines were built as a tribute to the religious figurines of Hinduism.

Solapur is elevated 1500 feet above the sea level and spreads across 180 km. sq. The River Bhima flows through the city and is a major source of water. It shares its boundaries with Ahmadnagar in North, Bijapur in South, Satara in West, and Gulbarga in Southwest. The climate of the city is described as subtropical. It faces humid summers with an average temperature of 40°C. The winter season is a pleasant season as the mercury levels drop down and rest at 13°C on an average. An adequate amount of rainfall is received by the city of Solapur.

There are different tourist places in Solapur. The must-visit places include the names like Pandharpur, Siddheshwar Temple, Umer Dargah, Markandeya Temple, Ujjaini Dam and the shopping malls of the city.

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Top Places to Visit in Solapur

Solapur Reviews

Latest Solapur Tour Reviews

  • 5/5
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Frequently Asked Questions
  • How many days should I plan for Solapur trip?
    2-3 days.
  • What is the nearest major airport or train station for Solapur?
    Solapur Airport and Solapur Railway Station.
  • What are the primary transportation options for reaching Solapur?
    Trains and buses are the primary transportation options.
  • Are there any special events or festivals in Solapur?
    Ganesh Chaturthi and Makar Sankranti are major festivals celebrated in Solapur.
  • What are the top tourist attractions in Solapur?
    Siddheshwar Temple, Bhuikot Fort, and Great Indian Bustard Sanctuary.
  • What are some must-try local dishes and restaurants in Solapur?
    Bharli Vangi, Mutton Kaleji Fry, and Hotel Shivneri are popular for local dishes.
  • What types of accommodations are available in Solapur?
    Hotels, guesthouses, and lodges.
  • Are there any public transportation available in Solapur?
    Yes, buses are available for public transportation.
  • What are the transportation options available in Solapur?
    Buses, taxis, and auto-rickshaws.
  • What is the primary language spoken in Solapur?
  • What is the best time to visit Solapur?
    October to March.
  • What activities can be done in Solapur?
    Sightseeing, visiting temples, exploring forts, bird-watching at the sanctuary, and shopping for local handicrafts.
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