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This town got its name from Asura king Tarakasura, who made Tanuku his capital. This place is full of mythological stories about being the abode of Gods and Goddesses. Lord Kumara Swamy, the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi landed here at the spot which is now known as Komara. Goddess Vijaya Lakshmi resided at a place now named Mahalakshmi Cheruvu. The first three Parvas (Condos) were translated from Sanskrit into Telugu by Adikavi Nannayya here, who also performed a major Yagna (sacrifice) in this city.

For tourists this place offers a bundle of religious and historic places to visit. Apart from the numerous temples, people with artistic and cultural inclinations will also have a pleasant experience through visits to art galleries and witnessing live performances of folk dance forms and traditional drama through stage theatre. Some groups work here to preserve the rich heritage of Telugu language by performing at various festivals and public locations.

Tourist Attractions in Tanuku :

Akashaganga Waterfall

The Akashganga (Heavenly Ganges likened to The Milky Way OR heavenly river) waterfall is about 3 Kms north of the Tirumala temple.

Area :

Tanuku Town covers a total area of 132.08 km2 (51.00 sq. mi).

Population :

The census 2011 states that the town of Tanuku has a total population of 1,40,000 people. Out of this 77,340 are males and females are 66,651 in number. The density of population this town is 1,100/ sq. km.

Language :

The official language of Tanuku is Telugu which is spoken by most of the population there.

Calling Code :

The calling prefix for Tanuku town is 08819.

Best Time To Visit :

Except for extreme summer months, this town is apt to be visited any time around the year.

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