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Pipili Overview

Pipili is a city that lies in the district of Puri in the Indian state of Odisha. This city is known for the intriguing Applique artwork. Such artwork can be found everywhere in the markets of Pipili. This artwork is famous in the textile industry and many leading textile industries in the Indian market hire the artisans from Pipili.

Pipili is elevated at a height of 82 feet above the sea level. The terrains of the city are rough but turn fertile as one advance towards the village of Pipili. The soil of the village is appropriate for growing the crops like wheat and corn. The climate of this region is described as tropical temperate. The summers are searing with an average mercury level resting between 27°C-40°C. The winters bring a relief as the median temperatures scale between 10°C-22°C. A sufficient amount of rainfall is received by the city of Pipili.

There are various tourist places in Pipili. The village of artisans is one of the great places to go in Pipili and learn about Applique artwork. The nearby places like Jagannath Temple, Puri Beach, Chilika Lake, Konark etc. are also visited by people.

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