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Sindhudurg Overview

Literally meaning the 'fort of sea', Sindhudurg is the administrative district in Maharashtra, the biggest state of India. The place is most popular for Sindhudurg Fort, a grandeur that was erected in 16th century by the Maratha warrior king Chhatrapati Shivaji.

Sindhudurg is entrenched on the coastline of Arabian Sea and shares its borders with Ratnagiri in North, Goa in South, the crest of Western Ghats in East and coastal plains in West. Due to such geographical location, the climate of Sindhudurg is semi-tropical and has major seasons of summers followed by monsoons and winters. The average temperature in summers remain 32° C whereas in winters it stays constant between 15° C-22° C throughout the season. The average precipitation is recorded different each year.

There are numerous alluring spots in Sindhudurg that include temples, forts and sandy beaches. One can see a large number of visitors especially at the splendid beaches and the great Sindhudurg fort. These places are the USP of Sindhudurg and are flocked by hundreds of people daily.

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