Top Tourist Places To Visit in Dibrugarh

Top Tourist Places To Visit in Dibrugarh

  • Dibrugarh
  • Assam
  • India

Dibrugarh Overview

Dibrugarh is a popular city in the Indian state of Assam. It became a separate district in the year 1976. Before that, this city was the camp area of the Ahoms during the time of a regional war between Ahom & Sutiya dynasty. It derives its name from the river that flows through it. Dibrugarh was developed with a great speed during the British rule in India.

Perching on the banks of the River Dibaru, Dibrugarh is elevated at a height of 354 feet above the sea level. It unrolls across 66 sq. km. of land that is a rough terrain. The climate of Dibrugarh is classified as subtropical in nature. During the winters, the median mercury level shoots up to 37°C and drops down at 16°C on an average during the winter season. It also receives an ample amount of rainfall with an annual average of 2100 mm.

Dibrugarh is a beautiful city that houses astounding attractions. The bustling markets of Dibrugarh shouldn’t be missed when an individual visits the town. Paltan Bazaar, New Market, Chowkidinghee Bazaar, Graham Market, Shanti Para Bazaar, and other places draw the visitors on a large scale.

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Top Places to Visit in Dibrugarh

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Frequently Asked Questions
  • How Many Days Should I Plan for Dibrugarh Trip?
    3-4 days would be sufficient to explore the main attractions and experience the essence of Dibrugarh.
  • What is the nearest major airport or train station for Dibrugarh?

    Dibrugarh Airport (DIB) and Dibrugarh Railway Station are the closest transportation hubs.

  • What are the primary transportation options for reaching Dibrugarh?
    The primary transportation options for reaching Dibrugarh are by air, with the Mohanbari Airport being the nearest airport, or by train, with Dibrugarh Town Railway Station being a major railway hub.
  • Are there any special events or festivals in Dibrugarh?

    Bihu is a major festival celebrated with dance, music, and cultural events.

  • What are the top tourist attractions in Dibrugarh?

    Visit Dibrugarh Tea Gardens, Dehing Patkai Wildlife Sanctuary, and Jagannath Temple.

  • What are some must-try local dishes and restaurants in Dibrugarh?

    Try Assamese thali, fish curry, and visit local eateries like Chung Fa and Kakalika

  • What types of accommodations are available in Dibrugarh?
    You can find hotels, guesthouses, and homestays catering to various budgets.
  • Are there any public transportation available in Dibrugarh?
    Limited public buses and cycle rickshaws serve as local public transportation.
  • What are the transportation options available in Dibrugarh?
    Taxis, auto-rickshaws, and rental cars are common transportation options.
  • What is the primary language spoken in Dibrugarh?
    Assamese is the primary language, but many also speak Hindi and English.
  • What is the best time to visit Dibrugarh?
    Visit between October to April for pleasant weather and outdoor activities.
  • What Activities can be done in Dibrugarh?

    Enjoy tea garden tours, river cruises, bird watching, and exploring the lush landscapes of Assam.

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