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Top Tourist Places To Visit in Sivsagar

About Sivsagar

Sivsagar is a small town in the Indian state of Assam. It is well known for housing the Ahom architectural marvels like palaces and monuments. Previously, it was known by the name of Rangpur. Sivsagar is a clean city that attracts the tourists from nearby areas to Assam.

Sivsagar is elevated 312 feet above the sea level and covers a gross area of 2,668 sq. km. The vast portion of land is fed by the river of the same name and is a fertile plain. The climate of Sivsagar is humid subtropical. The summer season experiences an average temperature of 35°C whereas the winters witness average mercury level scaling at 15°C throughout the season. The monsoon season brings a substantial amount of rainfall with 900 mm on an average annually.

Sivsagar gloats numerous tourist destinations that are flocked by the visitors amid the year. The notable names include Devi Dol, Ghanshayama Dol, Talatal Palace, Pani Dihing Sanctuary, Ahom museum etc.

The majority of the populace in Sivsagar is monolingual and understands English and Hindi.