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Hyderabad Tourism Overview

About Hyderabad

Hyderabad district is part of Ranga Reddy district of Telangana. It recent times, many suburbs of Hyderabad had also been included into the city. Hyderabad has a rich history, and the affluent culture and traditions of the city are also worth exploring. The city is also one of the major IT hubs in the capital as Microsoft and Google are also headquartered here. The Hyderabad city has been divided into north, west, east and south, and every region pulsates with a unique culture.

The cuisine of Hyderabad is very popular and one can hop to any eatery in the city to savour delicious meals. Like Delhi, Hyderabad also has a beautiful street food culture. One would also not find any difficulty in finding a suitable accommodation to stay in the city. A comfortable hotel accommodation can be booked at charges ranging from Rs. 1,500 to 4,500. Some of the popular hotels in the city are Hotel Geetanjali, Sitara Paradise, Falcons Nest Imperia Suites, Mango Hotels etc.

Area : 217 Sq. Kms.
Main Languages : Urdu, Telugu, Hindi and English.
Population : Approx. 5 Million.
Temperature : Summer - Max : 42. Min : 22.
Winter - Max : 22. Min : 12.

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