Salarjung Museum

Salarjung Museum

  • Hyderabad
  • Telangana
  • India
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  • Facilities to Scholars The museum houses a rich collection of printed books covering various subjects and also a rich collection of thousands of manuscripts in Persian, Arabic and Urdu languages. Scholars are permitted to use the library on request by obtaining passes. more..
  • Timings 10AM–4:30PM and Friday Closed
  • Location On The Banks Of River Musi, Hyderabad.
  • The Clock Room The clock room is one of the best galleries with a collection of more than 300 clocks. The major attraction of this museum is a musical clock, which was sold by Cook and Kelvy of England. It is a mechanical wonder, a toy figure of a watchman who pushes open the door, emerges hour after hour in a great hurry to beat the melodious gong that indicates time. Other highlights in the museum include the "veiled Rebecca", "Mestophiles" and "the Lady with the lamp". The Museum attracts nearly ten lakh visitors annually. more..
  • A Priceless collection Salarjung Museum is one of the much lauded tourist attractions of Hyderabad City. Mir Yusuf Ali Khan, popularly known as Salar Jung III served as Prime Minister to Nizam 1912, at the age of 23, but resigned two and a half years later. Thereafter he dedicated his whole life collecting antiques and art, which were the only passions of his lonely life. He spent considerable portion of his wealth for collecting them. It is believed that he spent half his income and his entire life towards collecting the art objects, rare manuscripts and paintings from all over the world. Though Salar Jung III is credited with these fantastic collections, it all started with his father and grandfather. This museum is well known throughout India for its prized collections. In the year 1961 it was declared to be an "Institution of National Importance" by an Act of Parliament, known as the Salar Jung Museum Act, 1961. It was originally housed in Diwan Devdi. It was shifted to the present building in 1968, which stands on the banks of the Musi. The museum is full of many interesting objects. It is divided into Indian Art, Children's Art, Middle Eastern Art, Far Eastern Art and European Art. The collections displayed include sculptures, wood carvings, religious objects, manuscripts, furniture, vases, snuff boxes, utensils, archer's rings, ornaments, pottery, clocks, miniature paintings, portraits, silver and costumes. It also houses toys, which came from all over the world such as France, England, Switzerland, Germany, Persia, China, Japan, Burma, and Sri Lanka. more..

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Salarjung Museum, Hyderabad Overview

Located on Musi river this museum is the third largest museum in India housing one of the biggest one-man collections of antiques in the world. Yusuf Ali Salar Jung, the prime minister of Nizam Of Hyderabad, accumulated the objects. The museum is open every day except Friday. This museum houses magnificent exhibits of European and Indian paintings and statuary. Of special interest is the Jade Room containing priceless objects, which belonged to ancient Indian rulers like Aurangzeb and Tipu Sultan.


The Salar Jung Museum houses one of the world�s largest private collections of art and artifacts. Salar Jung III, whose family was reputed for having served the Nizams of Hyderabad as Prime Ministers, had gained reputation as a formidable collector of art. The collection houses over 43000 art objects, 9000 manuscripts and 47000 printed books. A visit to the museum is a royal treat.


The museum exhibits objects of art like Chinese Porcelain, Aurangazeb's Sword, and Daggers belonging to Queen Noor Jehan, Emperor Jahangir and Shah Jahan, Sculpture, Indian paintings & Persian carpets. Some of the highlights are the Veiled Rebecca, the translucent white marble statue by Bezoni, and the Arms section.

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