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Sagres Tourism Overview

About Sagres

Sagres is a town located closely to the most south westerly part of Europe that is the Cape of St Vincent. Instead of the fact that it gives a desolate feel to one, it is well-known for its beautiful sun-kissed beaches amongst the surfers and sun bathers. Over the centuries this land has moulded into extraordinary coastal terrain due to change in the climatic conditions. It is surrounded by magnificent and lofty cliffs that convey the message of its glorious past. Earlier, Romans use to call Sagres “Promontorium Sacrum” which means end of the world where at sunset the sea water boils. It has played an imperative role in maritime history and has inhabited some of the greatest sailors of past. It was during the time of Prince Henry that a fortress was built up to train pioneering Portuguese explorers for some treacherous around the world voyages. This school gave birth to some famous voyagers like Vasco Da Gama etc. It also has the historical lighthouse, build in the 4th century that even today guides the ship during darkness. Today, Sagres is not only popular for its attractive landscapes but also for its fish which is fresh as well as abundant.

State : Sagres is a city in the state of Algarve.
Country : Sagres is in Portugal.
Area : The area is of Sagres is roughly 34,28 km².
Population : The population of 1939 in 2001.
Currency : Euro used as the currency.
Region : It is a rugged terrain surrounded with Atlantic Ocean.
Geographic Coordination : 37°00′N 8°56′W

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