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  • Algarve
  • Portugal
  • Country Portugal
  • Area Algarve has an area of 5,412 square kilometers.
  • Population 410,000
  • Languages English and Portuguese is spoken here.
  • Currency Euro

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Algarve Overview

Algarve is the westernmost tip of Europe. It lies in the south of Portugal. It has striking sandy beaches washed by the Atlantic Ocean. It is the most clean and unpolluted region of Europe. The thick flora and fauna makes it a perfect holiday destination. The beautiful and enchanting landscape is sure to win your heart. Its geographical location makes it an important province which had been invaded and by the Phoenicians, Romans and Moors. The past of Algarve is closely associated with the sea. It was the base of the famous Henry the Navigator who helped established a school for training young minds to undertake difficult voyages.

Climate and Geography

Algarve has a warm climate with abundant sunshine in a year. Summers are easy going in Algarve as the temperatures are generally not high because of the cool sea breeze that blows over the land. Winters are also not very Chilly.

Suitable Visiting Seasons ( months) : The ideal time to visit is spring that is in the months of April and May when the countryside is lush and green.


Buses here are clean, cheap and reasonably comfortable way to travel round. All buses display their destination at the front. Avoid long, boring journeys within the Algarve by booking express regional services. Even Portuguese trains are also sanitized, efficient, comfortable and inexpensive way to travel. They run right on-time and are worth exploring. You can even hire cars from reputable company to travel around.

Shopping and Entetainment

Basically, there are two main large shopping complexes in Algarve that are: - the Guia Shopping Center near Albufeira and the Forum Algarve in Faro City. You can find the best brands over here. They have excellent selection of souvenirs, great parking facilities and a multiplex cinema.

Algarve has loads of things for entertaining the visitors. You must go on adventure on a jeep safari. It scores full on excitement and stimulation. You can also spend a day at zoo in Lagos. Some of the rarest of the species of animals and birds can be found there.

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