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  • Tavira
  • Portugal
  • Country Tavira is in Portugal.
  • Area The total area of Tavira is 607.17 km².
  • Population The population according to 2001 census is 24,995.
  • Currency The currency over here is Euro.
  • Region Algarve
  • Geographic Coordination 37°07' north, 7°39' west are the geographical coordination.

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Tavira Overview

Tavira is a word for beautiful town and great beaches. It is east of Faro in the south-east corner of Portugal. Tavira is considered to be one of the most photogenic towns of Algarve with shining white-washed houses topped with decorative chimneys and pyramid shaped roman style roofs. This enchanting place is situated on the Gilao river, giving you some of the most splendid views. Tavira has some of the world’s magnificent churches which have amazing architecture and carved high altar. It is very rich in its heritage and is a town with the history that dates back to 2000 BC. The international airport at Faro is just 30 km away from the town. Since the weather is cool most of the time, Tavira is a year around holiday destination.

Climate and Geography

Months of March, April and May are warm, dry and sunny. It is the most attractive time as abundant.

Suitable Visiting Seasons ( months) : January is the best and the coolest time to visit.


Tavira has connecting buses and trains for traveling around. You can even hire a taxi or take car on rent.

Getting Around : Tavira is located around 40 minutes from Faro. After reaching Faro you can either board a train or bus. The bus is more convenient and cheap mode of transport. The one-way bus fare between Faro to Tavira is approximately €2.60.

Shopping and Entetainment

Tavira is well equipped with supermarkets for self-caterers on holiday. There are many souvenir selling shops that sell cork items, lace, embroidered goods and shell art etc. There is a supermarket for handcraft shopping centre called "Old Market" for discerning shoppers. The town has a market where you can get fresh daily products.

Tavira has numerous bars, cafes and lounge for perfect entertainment.

Acro bar : - is famous for serving finest of wines.

The Poet : - is also a bar that attracts a huge crowd.

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