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  • Faro
  • Portugal
  • Area 201.6 km²
  • Population The total inhabitants are 58,305.
  • State It is the capital of Algarve.
  • Country Faro is in Portugal.
  • Languages The common languages here are Portuguese and English.
  • Currency Euro is the currency used here.
  • Region Algarve
  • Geographic Coordination 37º02'N 7º55'W

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Faro Overview

Faro is a Portuguese district located in the south of the country. It has numerous beaches which are admired for their immense ecological value and beauty. Golden sands, crystal clear waters; strong waves are some of the highlights of these beaches. The beaches in Faro offer all types of services to the tourists. Excitement is surely going to clasp your interest in Faro.It has been the administrative seat of Algrave region. It has a rich and a glorious past which dates back to Roman times. The city still has Arab and Roman ruins. Faro has many influences since Paleolithic age. During the time when Roman invaded the city it was a flourishing city then it was occupied by the Visigoth, and finally by the Moors who called it as Ossonoba. Later the name was changed to Santa Maria instead of Ossonoba.But as the centuries passed, it came to known as Faro. The city is particularly attractive as it is surrounded by the Roman walls, inside a spacious open square that was once the site of the Roman Forum.It has many beautiful Churches, Palaces, museums and other monuments.

Climate and Geography

Faro has an oceanic type of climate. It has mild temperatures almost throughout the year. The inhabitants of Faro enjoy more than 300 days of sunshine in the year. The temperature during the summer is around 25ºC to 30ºC. The winter has temperature around of 15-20ºC which sometimes dips to 6-7ºC. The hottest months are June and July. The rainy season is November and December and the coldest months are those of January and February.

Suitable Visiting Seasons ( months) : Month of April is the perfect time to visit Faro.


The local transport here is taxi cab and buses.

Shopping and Entetainment

One of the best malls for shopping in Faro is “Forum Algarve”. It is a big mall situated near Faro’s Airport. This place includes a multiplex cinema and a supermarket (Jumbo), where you can find a variety of groceries, books, music, DVDs, wines etc. The place is well developed and liked by all the visitors and locals. It has an upstairs food court where one can surely have a great time eating fast food. Several important brands are also there Benetton, Levis, Osho, Stradivarius, Zara etc. It also has an underground car parking.

After a long day of lying on the beach, a nap and a fabulous dinner, it's time to do what Faro is famous for…party! Faro is amongst the best places in Portugal to let your hair down and party. It is the town of exhilarating nightlife, with dozens of nightclubs and hundreds of bars. Undoubtedly Faro is also regarded as a perfect destination for party animals. Some popular bars and clubs are El Faro Lighthouse Bar , Pure nightclub inside Caesars Palace, Faro Portugal Casino etc. They entice visitors with its live jazz and easy listening music. Enjoy the cocktails and a selection of fine wines.

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