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  • Calheta
  • Portugal
  • State It is located in Madeira Island.
  • Country Portugal
  • Area 115.65 km²
  • Population Calheta has a population of 3,105 according to the census of 2001.
  • Languages Spanish, English and Portuguese is the common language.
  • Currency Euro
  • Region A.R. of Azores
  • Geographic Coordination 38º36'N 27º57'W

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Calheta Overview

The name Calheta originated from the narrow inlet serving its harbor. The town of Calheta is surrounded by towering mountains, endless lush green mantle and the vast ocean. It is one of the first locations in Madeira Island which is subjected to farming. Amongst the settlers, Calheta was a place of interest for noblemen and knights. Joao Gonsçalves Zarco was among those settlers who later donated this land to his daughter. Calheta was raised to the category of town by royal charter, which was issued in 1825. Going deep into its golden history and cultural heritage, one points out to the valuable heritage of a religious nature of civil parish. Calheta is one of the civil parishes in Madeira with the largest number of chapels. The main economic activities here are agriculture, trade and industry. At once the sugar industry here was progressing so much that there were eight sugar mills running at that time but now only one is in operation. This area has abundant variety of fishes and is known for the same. Calheta is also famous for producing the best white Rum.

Climate and Geography

Climate is over here is 'mild subtropical' one. It has warm summers and mild winters. In summer (May to September) there is very little rain and the winters have only 5-7 days of rain per month.

Suitable Visiting Seasons ( months) : It is ideal year around destination.


The local transport in Calheta is buses which are a comfortable mode of traveling. You can even hire a taxi which is easily available.

Getting Around : Getting to and traveling around Portugal is as convenient these days as any other destination in Europe as it is facilitated by modern airports and a network of highly efficient transport terminals located in every corner. Madeira has airports served by TAP Air Portugal, the national carrier, which has direct flights to Lisbon from a number of destinations including England, France, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, the USA and Canada. After reaching Madeira you can hire a taxi. Direct and regular bus services also operate from France, Spain and England, while train connections from France and Spain provide regular scenic stops. Portugal’s mainland rail system is cheap and extensive, and tourists have a wide range of special tickets available. Many private coach companies provide fast and efficient road transport in Portugal, at very reasonable prices.

Shopping and Entetainment

Shopping is an irresistible temptation that one experiences here. Best buys include locally-made leather goods, jewellery, fine porcelain and high-quality clothes ranging from thick hand-knitted sweaters to the hottest fashion attire. Even today the traditional arts and crafts are still very prevalent in spite of Portugal's rapid modernization. Pottery, ceramics and tiles are produced to high standards all over the country, with differing styles. There are plenty of small shops in Estrela. It also has a small supermarket twhich sells fresh fish is opposite to Calheta Marina. You can also find variety of fruits like mangoes, papyas, bananas etc.

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Top Places to Visit in Calheta

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