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Birmingham Overview

Birmingham city is located in the West Midlands, and is the largest city in Great Britain after London. The borough, known to locals as ‘Brum’ is rejoicing in its boom as a cultural and shopping destination. The city had to face a major breakdown during the Second World War, but after sixty years from then, it has been undergoing a dynamic change. The city council has been credited for the introduction of appealing walkways, and other buildings. The best part of Birmingham is its attractive nightlife, museums, galleries and food.

Birmingham is a place with a rich industrial and cultural heritage. The city is adorned with historical mansions, art galleries and museums. It is the perfect place to be visited during the time of Christmas, especially the Aston Hall which hosts celebrations once in two years. Huge chocolate factories like Cadbury world give one an insight into the history of chocolate. Museums, like Think-tank that display various industrial machines is another place worth visiting.

Lush and verdant parks are another remarkable feature of this metropolitan county. The Birmingham Botanical Gardens and Nature Centre open a perfect kaleidoscope for green panthers. Birmingham would be incomplete without its religious buildings. The inhabitants of this city hail from diverse religions, and due to this one can find a variety of religious centres. The Pagodas, mosques, cathedrals, Hindu and Sikh temples are all symbolic of the cultural unity of the county.

Nightlife in Birmingham is famed for its live music events. A plethora of small theatres are sparsely spread around the city which mostly shows the West End plays.

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