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Bhopal Tourism Overview

About Bhopal

Bhopal is the capital city of Madhya Pradesh. Just like Udaipur, Bhopal is also called the City of Lakes for the natural and artificial lakes it houses. Bhopal is also one of the greenest cities of India. The city is divided into Old Bhopal and New Bhopal which have stark differences in terms of their look and infrastructure. Many noted educational, scientific and health institutions are located in this city. Internationally, Bhopal got highlighted for an unfortunate tragedy in 1984, when certain harmful gases got leaked from the Union Carbide factory and resulted in one of the worst industrial disasters of the world.

Bhopal is reckoned to have been founded by king Bhoja of the Paramara dynasty, after whom the city and many other prominent places of the city have been named. Another theory suggests that the city was named after king Bhupala. Bhopal, after being ruled by Mughals, Marathas and some other princely rulers, was finally joined in the Indian union on 1 June 1949.

Area :

648.24 km2

Main Languages : Hindi, Urdu, Chhatisgarhi (a local dialect) and English.
Population :

1,995,648 as recorded in 2011

Temperature : Summer - Max : 41. Min : 26.
Winter - Max : 26. Min : 10.
Best Time to Visit :

November to February

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