Shaukat Mahal And Sadar Manzil

Shaukat Mahal And Sadar Manzil

  • Bhopal
  • Madhya Pradesh
  • India

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Shaukat Mahal And Sadar Manzil, Bhopal Overview

The Shaukat Mahal and Sadar Manzil show a blend of Asian and Western styles of architecture which creates this building stand out in the crowd of the traditional Islamic architecture of Bhopal.


Shaukat Mahal Travel Tips


Recommended time of arrival: 8.00 am – 6.00 pm


Shaukat Mahal Timings


The place is open during the office hours of the Municipal Corporation.

It is advised to check the history and customer’s reviews on the website of a travel operator.


Timings for Entry


It is advised to take a trip of the two during the morning hours or in the evening to enjoy the atmosphere of the place. Shaukat Mahal and Sadar Manzil can be visited through the timings of 7:00 AM - 7:00 PM in April to September, and from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM from October to March. The buildings rest closed for visitors on Fridays. There are no pass or entry fees for both Shaukat Mahal and Sadar Manzil.


Festival of Bhopal


Looking Festival: It is held in January for around 4 days annually, the festival promotes folk dances to merge geopolitical boundaries and limits.


History of Shaukat Mahal and Sadar Manzil


The history of Shaukat Mahal and Sadar Manzil tells that it was designed by a corrupt Frenchman who is known to be from the Bourbon Dynasty of France. The Shaukat Mahal and Sadar Manzil imitate an exclusive blend of oriental and occidental architectural styles.


Description of Shaukat Mahal and Sadar Manzil


Gothic and post resurgence styles have been efficiently used in the construction of the Shaukat Mahal, which ultimately gives it an enchanting effect. Many convolutedly carved arches on the roof of the Shaukat Mahal beside with the alabaster white structure of the building give it a distinctive look.


The outside of the palace is decorated with beautiful and exotic floral designs giving the Shaukat Mahal an eco-friendly appearance. The Sadar Manzil that was the Hall of Public Audience through the rule of the princes borders the Shaukat mahal. This building is a brick red structure of flamboyant appearance. The Shaukat Mahal and Sadar Manzil are bounded by beautiful lawns that give it a picture postcard effect.


How to reach Shaukat Mahal and Sadar Manzil?


The Shaukat Mahal and Sadar Manzil are situated at the entry of the Chowk area, in the centre of the city. It is simply reached by all modes of transport inside the city. The Mahal is amazingly attached by road. You can reach this place easily by bus at Moti Masjid Bus Stop and by Minibus, Rickshaw, Taxi, hiring a Cab.


Best time to visit


The best time to visit Bhopal is during the winter months of October to March. The weather is an ideal one for exploring and experiencing the rich flavours of the grand city. July-September is the second-best time to visit the city.


Tourists spots nearby Shaukat Mahal


• MP tourism boat club- It is an astonishing place for nature lovers, journey seekers, and experience seekers. When it comes to boating in the lake, this place is present an unforgettable boating experience.

• Tattenham club- It is one of its kind pub in Bhopal. Based on the theme of horse racing it is a perfect place to relax with friends.

• Newmarket- Experience some traditional shopping here.

• Azad market- a recommended for having sumptuous food in Bhopal. Experience some native taste of Bhopal here.

• Bhopal on the wheel- is a government initiative that offers a guided tour of the whole city in just a few hours. The tourists are engaged with the toy-train look-alike open bus. The initial point of the tour is Palash Residency. From there the bus goes via hills and the old city.

• Regional museum of natural history- It is a small and beautiful museum of Natural History. It takes you to close to nature via many beautiful and informative models. It is bounded by the lush green garden.

• Van Vihar National Park- this is a sprawling wildlife sanctuary in Bhopal. Snugged between Shamla Hills and Upper Lake, it is one of the most visiting places in Bhopal for nature lovers and bird watchers. The place is a home of many creatures like the leopard, sambar, nilgai, turtle, star tortoise, crocodile, langur, porcupine, wild boar, and chital.



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