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  • 15 Best Places to Visit in Bhopal

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    15 Best Places to Visit in Bhopal

    Located right in the heart of country, Bhopal is an amazing city in alluring state of Madhya Pradesh, India. This capital city boasts an intriguing past and rich history. Within the boundaries of Bhopal, one can witness perplexing monuments, ancient shrines & mosques and numerous other sightseeing destinations. The city of Bhopal is the place that showcases the royalty of culture and lifestyle of the rulers that reigned over its soil. Needless to say, the city is dotted with stunning destinations that do not fail to lure the tourists. So, if you are planning a holiday in Bhopal then do take a glance at these amazing places in this city. It will surely help you out to identify the tourist destinations here.

  • Van Vihar National Park

    Van Vihar National Park is a beguiling tourist destination in Bhopal

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    Cascaded over vast acres of land, Van Vihar National Park is a beguiling tourist destination in Bhopal. This National Park is a natures bounty because it is endowed with exotic flora & fauna. It was established in the year 1979 for the preservation of wildlife in Bhopal. In the expanse of Van Vihar National Park, the species of feline predators, bear, deer, stags and birds like swan, spoonbill, fish-hawk etc. can be spotted taking their routine stroll.

  • Bhojpur Temple

    Bhojpur Temple is one of the most popular temple in Bhopal

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    Bhojpur Temple, Popular as Bhojpur Mahadev Temple, is an 11th century architectural marvel located in Bhopal. The grandeur is an example of skillful craftsmanship of the foregone times. It has its interiors carved in a labyrinthine manner. The sanctum of the shrine gloats the Shivalinga and hundreds of devotees flock to this temple. Apart from being a religious place, Bhojpur Temple stands amid the heritage sites of Bhopal and never fails to lure the visitors.

  • National Museum of Mankind

    National Museum of Mankind is well known

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    National Museum of Mankind is another intriguing place in Bhopal. Inaugurated in 1985 by former PM Indira Gandhi, NMM is the amenity that displays an exuberant collection depicting the evolution of man from the earliest times till date. A bewildering collection of paintings is put on display. The National Museum of Mankind is a place frequently visited by the historians as well as students.

  • State Archaeological Museum

    Sate Archaeological Museum is the right destination to visit in Bhopal

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    For those who have a special taste in history, the Sate Archaeological Museum is the right destination for them. It is a significant museum that was inaugurated in 2005 & showcases the astounding history & amazing culture of Madhya Pradesh. The museum is so intriguing that after entering through its huge gates, an individual feels like entering into a completely new place. The ancient sculptures, inscriptions and excavations etc. kept on display will surely leave you amazed.

  • Birla Museum

    Birla Museum is one of the most popular Museum in Bhopal

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    Birla Museum is another shimmering name enlisted in the list of museums. Located in Bhopal, this museum is the building where youll get to see an amazing collection of artifacts of the historic bygone era. The coins, sculptures, tools, paintings and some terracotta toys that have been kept on display date back to the 2nd century BC. If you are a history enthusiast then you shouldnt miss the charm of Birla Museum.

  • Taj-ul-Masajid

    Taj-Ul-Masajid is one of the largest mosques in India

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    Known as 'The Crown of Mosques', Taj-Ul-Masajid is one of the largest mosques in India. The ensnaring grandeur depicts the Indo-Islamic style of architecture and resembles the very famous Jama Masjid of Delhi. This mosque has intricate carvings done on exterior as well as interior walls using black motifs. Taj-ul-Masajid is a revered by a large number of Muslims as well as Non-Muslims.

  • Gohar Mahal

    Gohar Mahal is one of the most visited place in Bhopal

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    Reflecting an amalgamation of Hindu and Mughal style of architecture, Gohar Mahal is an enticing mansion constructed like a palace. This splendor bears the name of the first female ruler, Gohar Begum, in the sultanate of Bhopal. Apart from being a supreme ruler, Gohar Begum was a great patron of art and architecture. She personally guided the labors to carve the interiors intricately. Presently, hundreds of visitors rabble to Gohar Mahal.

  • Shaukat Mahal & Sadar Manzil

    Shaukat Mahal & Sadar Manzil is a famous tourist site in Bhopal

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    Constructed within the vicinity of Gohar Mahal, Shaukat Mahal is a famous tourist site. This grandeur was built under the reign of Begum Sikander, the daughter of Gohar Begum. The palace was erected in an Indo-Islamic style with elegant interiors. Many centuries have passed but Shaukat Mahal hasnt lost its aesthetic appeal. Close to it lays Sadar Manzil. It is an enchanting amenity where many qawwalis are organized.

  • Moti Masjid

    Moti Masjid is one of the famous places in Bhopal

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    Constructed entirely of white marble, Moti Masjid stands tall as a beguiling mosque in Bhopal. This awe-inspiring mosque was constructed during the reign of Sikander Jahan Begum, one of the most powerful personalities of Bhopal. Moti Masjid located amid the bustling street of Bhopal & is constructed in Islamic style with 4 red brick minarets. The namaaz is offered here on daily basis. The people swarm to Bhopal to admire the beauty of Moti Masjid.

  • Rani Kamlapati Palace

    Rani Kamlapati Palace ia an amazing tourist places in Bhopal

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    The palace of Rani Kamlapati was an astounding splendor in the foregone times. The queen Kamlapati was acclaimed as more beautiful than a fairy who used to reign over the area. Her husband, Nizam Shah, ordered to the construct the palace as a gift to his wife. The palace was bedecked with precious jewels on interior walls and has gardens on 3 sides. Today, it is a half-ruined amenity but still lures the tourists on a large scale.

  • Bhimbetka Caves

    Bhimbetka Caves is well known tourist places in Bhopal

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    Entrenched in the murky foothills of Vindhya ranges, the caves of Bhimbetka do not need a formal presentation. Tagged as a ,a href="">UNESCO World Heritage Site, missing this name in the list would have been injustice. These enchanting caves are the significance of earliest inhabitation of humans in India. More than 3000 years have passed but the caves have remained the same. One can see the paintings that depict the war, celebrations and other inscriptions that are preserved till date.

  • Sanchi Stupa

    Sanchi is a well-known Buddhist site in Bhopal

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    Sanchi is a well-known Buddhist site in Bhopal. The followers of Buddhism consider it as a sacred place. Constructed during the rule of Maurya dynasty, Sanchi Stupa was carved entirely out of a rock. It is the place that gloats the relics of Buddha. Also, it has been identified as the oldest existing stone structure in India. Every year, thousands of Buddhists swarm to Sanchi and pay their homage to the enlightened soul.

  • Raisen Fort

    Raisen Fort is an amazing tourist destination in Bhopal

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    Beckoning the town of Raisen from a hilltop, the Raisen Fort is an amazing tourist destination in Bhopal. This astounding fort had served as the seat of authority for many dynasties like Mughals, Rajputs and the Nawabs. The present day ruin used to be an awe-inspiring grandeur as the interior walls still mirror the intricate carvings of the bygone era. These carvings also tell the tales of the bravery, betrayal and jauhar that the walls of this fort saw.

  • Udayagiri Caves

    Udayagiri Caves is a very popular tourist site for people visiting the city of Bhopal

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    Another existing structure that is carved out of rocks is the Udayagiri Caves. It is a very popular tourist site for people visiting the city of Bhopal. Constructed during the reign of Gupta Empire, these caves behold the exuberant rock sculptures that depict the Hindu & Jain religious figurines. The most notable sculptures include the Varaha avatar, a manifestation of Lord Vishnu & the Jain pantheons. This quaint destination is a popular tourists spot and is flocked by visitors frequently.

  • Finally, you successfully scrolled past some unbeatable tourist destinations in Bhopal. After reading the write-up, you can easily conclude that the township of Bhopal is dotted with numerous tourist attractions. Whether it is a pilgrimage site or a heritage site, one thing is assured that none will feel monotonous after visiting the intriguing land of Bhopal.

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