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  • 11 Famous Places to Visit in Thane

    11 Famous Places to Visit in Thane

    Thane, that means a police-station for many, is the name of a beautiful city in the Indian state of Maharashtra. The origination of this city dates back to the times of the Mahabharata. It came into existence in the 13th century and has witnessed various events and battles. Apart from the history, Thane has a compelling geography. It is tagged as the City Of Lakes as it houses 33 small lakes within its boundaries. Moreover, it is beckoned by the alluring hills of Sahyadri that make it as a perfect trekking destination. If you have not explored the city of Thane then gear up as we take a small excursion of Thane & visit 11 must-visit destinations in the city.

  • Titwala Ganesh Mandir

    Titwala Ganesh Mandir is well known mandir in Thane

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    Ganapati the holy chant that everyone hears when they visit Titwala Ganesh Mandir. This is a pious Hindu shrine devoted to Lord Ganesha in Thane. It was erected in the ancient period and depicts the North Indian style of architecture. The magnificent structure of the temple is intricately carved in a labyrinthine manner. This alluring destination is flocked by thousands of Hindus and zealous Non-Hindus amid the year. One shouldnt miss visiting this place, especially on the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi, as it is bedecked beautifully.

  • Korum Mall

    Korum Mall is one of the amazing mall in Thane

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    Who doesnt love to shop? Of course, everyone does! Alright, lets be honest. It is the girls that can talk and shop endlessly. If you are a shopaholic and planning to visit Thane then do not forget to pay a visit to the Korum Mall. It is a huge complex that houses numerous showrooms of the leading fashion brands in India like Levis, Adidas, Nike, and much more. Apart from shops and showrooms, there are 2 kid zones, one movie theater, food outlets, and an aura of fun and frolic.

  • Mahuli Fort

    Mahuli Fort is one of the famous tourist spot in Thane

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    Have you ever seen a fort shrouded by green vegetation? No? alright, Mahuli Fort is the enchanting grandeur that stands amid lush green vegetation. This valiant structure was constructed by the Mughals in the mid-sixteenth century. At present, this fort is in a semi-ruined state and is surrounded by numerous trees due to the closer proximity of Tansa Wildlife Sanctuary. These places are flocked by trippers on a large scale and are a well-known travel attraction in Thane.

  • Upvan Lake

    Upvan Lake is a beguiling destination located in Thane

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    Hemmed in the picturesque Yeoor Hills, Upvan Lake is a beguiling destination located in Thane. Adorned by garnet green vegetation and shopping complexes nearby, it is the picture perfect spot to spend a relaxing time with your loved ones. This lake serves as a great recreational spot especially for those that visit Thane for a one-day itinerary. Sanskruti Arts Festival is a major event that is conducted at Upvan Lake annually and hundreds of participants participate with a great enthusiasm.

  • Manas Mandir

    Manas Mandir is famous temple in Thane

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    Constructed and reflecting the Jain style of architecture, Manas Mandir is an enchanting and frequented site in Thane. The alluring temple, beckoned by the lush green hill of the Western Ghats, boasts intricate carvings on interior walls is devoted to Lord Adinath, the first Jain Tirthankara. This temple is located in serene surroundings and is visited by devotees on a large scale. You should pay a visit to Manas Mandir to evoke the inner peace.

  • Gorakhgad Fort

    Gorakhgad Fort is one of the popular tourist site in Thane

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    If you are a history enthusiast and adore exploring forts that were built in the bygone era, Gorakhgad Fort is the apt place for you. Beckoned by the murky hills of the Western Ghats, the fort of Gorakhgad was constructed by a local Maratha ruler. The compelling fact about this fort is that it is carved out of massive boulders. Gorakhgad Fort stands amid the forts that Britishers were never able to capture. The venture of trekking can be experienced in the nearby hills of Sahyadri ranges as a part of the itinerary.

  • Naneghat Hills

    Naneghat Hills is one of thee most visited tourist spot in Thane

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    Naneghat Hills are a part of the beautiful and murky hills of Sahyadri Mountains. In the ancient times, this area was under the reign of Satvahana rulers. During their reign, this region served as a gateway to collect the toll from those that used it as the path to reach the other side. After the Marathas gained the authority, they abolished the practice of collecting taxes at this place. With the time, the geography of these hills has changed a lot and it is a popular trekking site in Thane.

  • Tansa Lake

    Tansa Lake is a beautiful artificial lake in Thane

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    Hemmed in the murky hills of Sahyadri, Tansa Lake is a beautiful artificial lake in Thane. It has an ethereal ambiance and is known as the largest artificial lake in Maharashtra. It has the capacity to hold 3 million gallons of water and thats indeed huge. Close to the lake, a wildlife sanctuary with the same name is located. Tansa Wildlife Sanctuary is a home to some exuberant species like the white peacock, cockatoo, nilgai, black buck etc.

  • Sai Baba Temple

    Sai Baba Temple is one of the major temple in Thane

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    Sai Baba Temple of Thane is another major shrine that is thronged by visitors. Located in Dombivali, this astounding temple is a well-known shrine devoted to the saint Sai Baba. The exhilarating architecture of the temple resembles the structure of Shirdi Sai Baba shrine. Being the lone Sai Baba temple of the area, one can witness an enthusiast crowd of devotees, especially on Thursdays. They gather to offer prayers to the lord and distribute alms among the less fortunate.

  • Bassein Fort

    Bassein Fort is well known fort in Thane

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    There are different forts in India but Bassein Fort is different. This fort is an ancient and the lone grandeur that is built in the Portuguese-British style of architecture! Yes, you read it right. Bassein Fort is located in the village of Vasai in Thane district. In the previous times, this fort served as the seat of authority for the Portuguese. Though it is in a semi-ruined state today, yet it is visited by trippers on a large scale.

  • Butterfly park - Ovalekar Wadi

    Butterfly park is one of the beautiful park in Thane

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    How would you feel on seeing more than 100 species of butterfly around you? Overwhelming, compelling, fascinated, or whatever adjective you can think about to describe your emotions. The butterfly park of Ovalekar Wadi is a renowned travel goal located in Thane. It is a garden that unrolls across 20 hectares of land. Endowed with greenery in profusion, it is the perfect recreational spot for one day itinerary in Thane. The enchanting surroundings of the park never fail to lure visitors on a large scale. Many people and toddlers chasing colorful butterflies can be spotted in the premises of the butterfly park.

  • Though the tour was short, but it was pleasing. We visited shrines, national parks, lakes, forts, a shopping complex, and the murky hills. Lets admit that all of the above-listed destinations can be classified as the perfect itinerary goal as well as a weekend getaway. So what are you waiting for? Pack your luggage and get your tickets booked. Next destination to visit is Thane.

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